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KENT Touchless Sanitiser Dispenser

Santising hands is a must and dispensing sanitiser through bottle requires manual operation by hand. Let’s avoid this and go touchless with KENT Touchless Sanitiser Dispenser. Its fully automatic operation dispenses santiser as soon as you place your hand below it. It is convenient and more hygienic. Its 350 ml capacity makes it a perfect santising device for your homes and offices.



Built-in Infrared Sensor

Built-in Infrared Sensor

KENT Sanitiser Dispenser is equipped with an in-built infrared smart sensor.It senses your hands when you put them below the dispenser and dispenses the liquid sanitizer in form of atomized mist.

Environment Friendly Product

Environment Friendly Product

You do not need to buy multiple plastic bottles of sanitisers as one dispenser is enough to solve your hand sanitizing needs.

Easy to Refill

Easy to Refill

It is very easy to refill sanitiser in dispenser. All you need to do is twist the head to open, fill the container with sanitizer and the dispenser is ready to be used again. It is battery operated and any 4.5V 3AA battery can be used to dispense sanitiser.



KENT Sanitiser Dispenser is fully automatic and does not require any manual operation. This makes it convenient, safe and more hygienic product for your hand sanitizing needs.


  • Product

    Kent Touchless Sanitiser Dispenser 350 ml

  • Gross Weight

    356 g

  • Product Generic Name

    Sanitiser Dispenser

  • Mounting

    Counter Top & Wall Mountable

  • Product Dimensions(mm)

    83(L) X 79(W) X 208(H)

  • Input Power Supply

    4.5 V, 3Nos. AA 1.5 V Batteries (Not Included)

  • Box Dimensions(mm)

    101(L) X 83(W) X 230(H)

  • Total Power Consumption

    1.5 W

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Product Brochure

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