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Non-stick appliance for oil-free instant cooking

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KENT Chilla & Dosa Maker

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KENT Chilla Dosa Maker

This sleek and modern appliance lets you make thin and round chillas, dosas, crepes and omelettes instantly. Its non-stick surface makes cooking oil-free and hygienic, so that you can enjoy healthy and tasty snacks anytime.

Oil Free Cooking by Kent Chilla Maker & Dosa Maker Machine

Oil-free Cooking

KENT Chilla & Dosa Maker is a non-stick appliance that lets you make your favourite dishes without oil, making it healthy yet tasty.

Easy to use Kent Chilla & Dosa Maker Machine

Easy Operation

With this easy to use appliance, you can make chillas, dosas, etc. instantly. All you need to do is place the appliance on to the batter, flip it back to its original position and wait till the edges turn brown and your dish is ready to serve.

Make round & thin Chilla, Dosa

Round, Thin and Delicious Snacks

KENT Chilla & Dosa Maker helps you make perfectly round chillas, dosas, crepes and omelettes. You can vary the thickness as per choice by just holding the appliance in the batter for a little longer. This helps you customise depending on your taste.

Easy to use Kent Chilla & Dosa Maker Machine

Easy to Clean and Store

The non-stick surface makes it easy to clean and store the appliance.


Model Name KENT Chilla and Dosa Maker
Model Number 16008
Net Weight 0.8 kg
Product Dimensions(mm) L 420 W 200 H 55
Input Power Supply Single Phase 220 V, AC 50 Hz.
Power Consumption 900 W

Brochures & Manuals

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What is KENT Dosa Maker?

Dosas, chillas or omelettes are some of the healthy breakfast options. However, the nutritional value of these breakfast option diminishes when you add oil. Eating oily food can lead to a number of health issues, which is the reason why many of us look for oil-free alternatives. This is where KENT Chilla and Dosa Maker can help you out. The innovative appliance makes cooking hygienic, hassle-free and also takes care of your family’s health without compromising on the taste.

Use of Dosa Maker

Making perfectly round dosas, chillas or crepes is no longer a hassle with the KENT Dosa maker. The innovative appliance helps you make round, thin and crispy dosas, chilla or crepes at home in 3 easy steps. The non-stick surface of the appliance makes it easy to prepare oil-free dishes so that you don’t compromise on your health. In addition to dosas, you can also make healthy and oil-free omelettes, which are considered an ideal breakfast. The compact and elegant design makes it comfortable to use the appliance without any hassle.

How to buy KENT Electric Dosa Maker

Bring home this innovative appliance to make your kitchen chores easy. You can easily order this handy kitchen appliance online from the comfort of your home at the best price. The appliance is easily available on all the leading online platforms such as Amazon and Flipkart. You can also buy Chilla and Dosa Maker from KENT’s online store.

Customer Reviews

5 stars, based on 6 reviews
5 star
Makes Tasty and Crispy Dosa
My family loves eating South Indian food. But preparing perfectly round and crisp dosas is a difficult task. I was looking for an easier way out to make dosas when I came across the portable dosa maker from KENT. The appliance is easy to use and makes perfectly round and crisp dosas.
Preethi Kesavan
5 star
Prepare Healthy Snacks
Really wonderful product introduced by KENT. The best part about the dosa making machine is you can make oil-free snacks. Would definitely recommend this kitchen appliance if you need to prepare healthy breakfast within minutes.
Sayali Pawar
5 star
Now, we can enjoy healthy breakfast every morning
Preparing healthy breakfast is a hassle, especially if you are short of time. I bought the KENT Dosa and Chilla Maker a few weeks ago and I am really happy with the experience. The electric dosa maker not only makes work easy but also helps in preparing oil-free breakfast items such as dosa and chilla within minutes!
Sulekha Verma
5 star
Making Snacks is no Longer a Hassle
With the KENT Chilla and Dosa Maker, you can easily make your favourite snacks within minutes. If you are health conscious, the appliance will be a great addition in your kitchen. The non-stick surface for oil-free cooking, and the cook and serve design make it an ideal kitchen appliance.
Neha Singh
5 star
Awesome and Useful Dosa Maker for Home
I really like this product because of its oil-free cooking. The build quality is also very good and it is durable. Now I can make thin and round chillas, dosas, crepes and omelettes instantly and enjoy healthy and tasty snacks anytime. This electric dosa maker is very useful and I can life has become easier after buying it. Awesome product!
Manshi Khanna
5 star
Great Utility Product, Go for it
It is not just made chilla and dosa that I have made crepes and omelettes as well by using this automatic dosa making machine. Its oil free cooking is awesome as not I can make healthy yet tasty chilla and dosa anytime I want to. Bought it a month agi and I am happy using it. Good product.
Kiran Mehta

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