100% Purity, with KENT RO Water Purifiers, made 100% Possible!

Based on Kent’s patented Mineral RO technology that has multiple purification of RO+UV+UF+TDS controller, KENT’s RO Water Purifiers remove dissolved impurities besides removing bacteria and virus from drinking water.

KENT RO Water Purifiers give you water, which is not only 100% pure but rich in essential natural minerals too.

Our Best Selling RO Water Purifiers


Now let your kids drink purer, healthier and safer water which is free from deadly bacteria and viruses. Brining home KENT UV Water Purifiers.

Our unique UV purifiers utilize Ultra Violet (UV) radiation to disinfect water from the tap and municipal supplies and store it in an inbuilt storage tank.

Our Best Selling UV Water Purifiers


Get eco-friendly & use natural force of gravity to purify drinking water. KENT Gravity Water Purifiers are designed to eliminate suspended impurities, bacteria and cyst.

This non-electric UF based water purifier is equipped with a state-of-art hollow UF membrane to remove chemicals, bad odour and taste from your drinking water.

Experience Purity via Gravity!

Our Best Selling Gravity Water Purifiers

Water Softeners

Kent Home water softeners reduce hardness of water by replacing hard salts of calcium & Magnesium with sodium salts. Soft water helps one have healthy hair and healthy skin, generates more lather from soaps, reduces consumption of water and prevent corrosion of expensive bathroom fittings.

Our Best Selling Water Softeners