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KENT EazyPress Steam Iron has been designed to give your clothes an elegant look with minimal efforts. KENT Luxe 2000 W is one way to iron your garment with its advanced technology. Not only a highly wrinkled garment but also the fabric which is delicate and can not be ironed on a flat surface can easily get the perfect finish.The steam can be boosted up to 100 g which penetrates deeper into the fabric and removes stubborn creases. For strong and consistent output to remove creases it has steam of up to 25 g/min. The tip of this steam iron is precise in 3 ways with pointed tip, button groove & sleek nose design.

Best Price : ₹ 3,000.00

MRP: ₹ 3,000.00



2-in-1 Steam & Non-Steam Ironing Function

Ideal for delicate fabric for quick touch ups and crisp finish and for heavily wrinkled fabric like cotton, linen etc.

Vertical steam

Removes wrinkles from delicate fabric or items that are difficult to iron on flat surfaces such as curtains, suits or dresses. This feature is focused on your convenience, is gentle on fabric, provides versatility and is Time-Saving.

Ceramic Coated Non-Stick Sole Plate

For even distribution of heat across the soleplate to reduce the risk of burning clothes. It is easy to maintain and is durable, which ensures a longer lifespan for the iron.


This function prevents and removes calc build-up that can block the tiny holes on the soleplate. Results in avoiding internal damage and prolongs the overall lifespan of the iron.

Spray Burst

Tackle stubborn wrinkles and creases by spraying water onto the fabric.

Anti- Drip

Designed to prevent water dripping out of the soleplate which is particularly important for preventing water stains and ensuring a smoother ironing experience.


  • Product

    KENT Luxe 2000 W

  • Net weight

    0.8 kg

  • Power consumption

    2000 W

  • Water tank capacity

    250 ml

  • Steam Flow

    15-25 g/min

  • Steam Boost

    100 g

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