Pasta, Noodles, Gujiya, Momos Making Machine - Kent Noodle Pasta Maker

KENT Noodle &
Pasta Maker

Makes healthy and tasty noodles & pasta within minutes

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Makes Healthy Noodles & Pasta, Without Preservatives,with minutes

A modern appliance with automatic mixing, kneading and extruding operation to get fresh & hygienic noodles, pasta, momos and gujiya within minutes.

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Make Pasta and Noodle in 10 Minutes

Home-Made Noodles & Pasta In Less Than 10 Minutes

This unique appliance helps you make noodles, pasta, momos and gujiya, fresh at home in less than 10 minutes.

Automatic Mixing, Kneading and Extruding

Automatic Mixing, Kneading And Extruding

The automatic mixing, kneading and extruding functions makes it easy to make a variety of noodles and pasta without any manual intervention.

Unique Noodle, Pasta Shaping Dies

Unique Shaping Dies For Different Snacks

It comes with 7 different shaping dies that can be used for making noodles, pasta, momos and gujiya of different sizes and shapes.

Flavoured Noodles and Pasta

Customise Flavours And Ingredients

With this Noodle & Pasta Maker, you can customise flavours by using different types of flour and adding ingredients like egg, herbs, vegetable juices, etc.

Easy to Clean, Use and Store

Easy To Use, Clean And Store

This easy to assemble appliance with user-friendly, compact design makes it extremely easy to operate, clean and store.


Model Name Kent Noodle & Pasta Maker
Model Number 16009
Net Weight 5.3 kg
Product Dimensions (mm) 340(L) x 220(W) x 280(H)
Input Power Supply Single Phase 220 V, AC 50 Hz
Power Consumption 150 W

Brochures & Manuals

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Customer Reviews

5 stars, based on 6 reviews
5 star
Best Pasta Making Machine for home use
My kids love eating pasta and would frequently eat out which became a reason of worry for you. One of my colleagues suggested me to get a noodle maker as it will help me make fresh and healthy noodles. The best part is the pasta maker comes with different shaping dies which makes it easy to make restaurant style pastas in at home. Would definitely recommend pasta making machine for home use if you are looking for a healthy cooking appliance.
Richa Arora, Chandigarh
5 star
Make Noodles within 10 Minutes
I have been using the noodle making machine for home for the last 3 months and I am really happy with the product. The automatic noodle maker mixes and also kneads the dough for noodles. You can easily extract noodles of your desired choice with the help of the shaping dies. Now, I don’t need to use packaged noodles which is full of chemicals and unhygienic.
Anita Gupta, Mumbai
5 star
Good Momos Maker for family use
I came across the momo maker machine at my friends place and really liked it. I immediately ordered the KENT momos making machine as we frequently eat roadside momos for snacks. The machine is really easy to use and makes perfectly shaped momos within minutes. This is definitely an ideal kitchen appliance for health conscious people.
Rekha Verma, Bangalore
5 star
Make hygienic Gujiyas by Kent Electric Gujiya Maker
My family loves eating gujiyas, not only during holi but at any other special occasion. However, making gujiya is a time taking and difficult, which is why I don’t make it that frequently. That’s when I came across the gujiya maker from KENT. The best part is the electric gujiya machine also comes with a shaping die. Now we can enjoy gujiya any time we want.
Riya Sharma, Lucknow
5 star
I found the product to be very useful appliance for kitchen. It can make pasta, noodles, momos and gujiyas within few minutes. It is very easy to fix the dies and make different shapes of noodles and pasta. Kent noodle maker is easy to clean and maintain. It has been a great asset for my kitchen. Thank you Kent!
Sonali Mittal, Rajasthan
5 star
I was very worried for my kids who used to eat noodles and pasta from a nearby fast food corner. But now with Kent noodle and pasta maker, I make the same snacks at home and even in a hygienic way. With an option to make snacks using flour or wheat, I can now serve every demand of my kids. I am happy that they can now enjoy momos and gujiyas at home. Thanks to Kent for bringing up this appliance.
Rinku Khurana, Rotahak