KENT Ultima Vegetable Cleaner

Cleaners those market-bought vegetables and fruits properly with Kent’s Ultima Vegetable Cleaner which effectively removes insecticides, pesticides, and chemicals from the surface of your food items. This smart appliance uses bio-friendly ozone technology to remove these harmful components from the surface. Its easy cleaning process oxidizes residual chemicals from your items’ surface and purify them completely.

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Ozone Disinfection Technology Vegetable Purifier

Ozone Disinfection Technology

Designed with the revolutionary bio-friendly ozone technology. It efficiently kills bacteria, viruses, pesticides, and other chemicals from the surface of fruits, vegetables, and seafood for safe and hygienic consumption.

Wash Vegetables and Fruits Thoroughly

Cleans Vegetables and Fruits Thoroughly

The vegetable cleaner has a silicone tube connected to a stone, which oxidizes residual chemicals, pesticides, and insecticides from your food items’ surface in 15-30 minutes. After the cleaning is done, you just need to rinse them with fresh water.

Detachable Tank

Detachable Tank

Kent Ultima Vegetable Cleaner is available with a detachable tank that can be easily separated from the main body. So you can enjoy a safer and hygienic cleaning of food items every time.

No Consumables Needed

No Consumables Needed

You don’t need any consumables with this kitchen appliance. It produces ozone with the help of oxygen present in the atmosphere. This also means you don’t need any after-services or change of parts.

Wall Mountable or Countertop Design

Wall Mountable/ Countertop

You can either mount it on the wall or just keep it on the counter table. The vegetable cleaner can easily fit in anywhere.