Deep Fryer - Buy Electric Fryer & Curry Cooker at Best Price in India

KENT Fryer &
Curry Cooker

Multipurpose appliance for slow cooking, shallow & deep frying.

MRP: INR 4,250
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Delicious Fries and Curries Made Hygienically

KENT Fryer & Curry Cooker is a modern appliance that allows you to cook your favourite dishes with the same flavour of slow cooking, but with more convenience. You can also fry tasty snacks like French Fries, Nuggets, Samosas, etc.

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Ceramic Non Stick Coating Curry Cooker

Ceramic Non-stick Coating

KENT Fryer & Curry Cooker’s non-stick white ceramic coating makes cooking hygienic and convenient. It also makes cleaning the appliance hassle-free.

Compact Design Kent Fryer & Curry Cooker

Cook & Serve Design

The appliance is designed in a way that you can cook as well as serve in it. The compact design of KENT Fryer & Curry Cooker and a detachable cord makes it easy to carry and serve.

Keep Cooked Food Warm

Keep Warm Mode

With the unique Keep Warm Mode, you can keep cooked food warm for a long duration. This eliminates the need to reheat food.

Automatic Temperature Control Fryer & Curry Cooker

Automatic Temperature Control

The appliance automatically adjusts temperature to maintain the right balance of heat and prevent burning or overcooking.

Multipurpose Electric Fryer & Curry Cooker Appliance

Multipurpose Appliance

This modern appliance not only lets you cook your favourite dishes with the flavour of slow cooking, but also allows for shallow and deep-frying to make delicious food.


Model Number 16001
Net Weight 1.65 kg
Input Power Supply Single Phase 220-240V AC, 50 Hz
Power Consumption 1500W
Capacity 1.5L
Maximum Temperature 210°C

Brochures & Manuals

  • KENT Curry Cooker cum Fryer Manual
    User Manual

Tests & Certifications

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About Electric Deep Fryer

The traditional way of slow cooking is not only time consuming but also tiring. In addition, eating deep and shallow fried foods increases the chances of health problems such as high BP, obesity and heart attacks. A modern appliance such as KENT Fryer and Cooker helps you prepare your favourite snacks with convenience and in a healthy way. The automatic temperature settings of the fryer cum curry cooker makes it easy to prepare perfectly cooked healthy snacks. The modern appliance helps you enjoy your favorite snacks without affecting your health.

Use of KENT Electric Deep Fryer

KENT Fryer and Curry Cooker is a unique appliance that helps you make crispy, mouth-watering snacks such as French Fries, Aloo Tikki, Chicken Nuggets, samosa and pakodas. You can also make your favourite curries such as dal makhni and aloo matar, which are generally slow cooked over low flame. The user-friendly design and function makes it an ideal appliance that you need to add to your kitchen. The high temperature operation of the appliance brings out all the flavours of food. The adjustable thermostat control of the appliance prevents it from overheating or burning the food, making it the ideal kitchen companion.

Customer Reviews

5 stars, based on 7 reviews
5 star
Best Cooking Appliance Useful For Everyone
I bought this electric curry cooker 3 months back. It is a very good product and is useful for everyone. I am daily cooking on this curry cooker and it saves time and energy. It is very easy to operate and safe. The food tastes very good and it is healthy to eat. I fully recommend this cooking appliance for all the people who are busy working and has little time to prepare food at home.
Kanika Patel
5 star
Deep Fryer at Affordable Price
The electric appliance is way beyond my expectations and it turned to be excellent cooking appliance. Believe me, this electric deep fryer has robust build and it is good to use. I bought it for my mom and she loved it. The electric deep fryer price is very affordable, you can also buy it. Nice product!
Roshni Joshi
5 star
Great Utility Cooking Appliance
Electric fryer machine is an excellent product and it is of great utility. It has a lot of options to cook. This multi-purpose deep fryer is one of the easiest ways to cook food and maintain. I bought this electric machine for my aunt and she loved it because now she can use it as an alternative to gas stove for cooking food.
Arpita Pandey
5 star
Best Curry Cooker
I saw KENT electric curry cooker at my friend's place and decided to get one for my kitchen too. The appliance operates automatically which makes it easy to prepare different snacks and dishes without hassles. If you want to prepare healthy and tasty snacks at the same time, the curry cooker from KENT is an ideal appliance for you.
Shikha Srivastava
5 star
Happy with the Performance
Being a working mother, preparing a variety of dishes and snacks is quite time-taking and tiring. I was looking for a griller and that’s when I came across KENT curry cooker and I was quite surprised that the appliance is available at an affordable price. Thanks to the curry cooker from KENT, now I can make different types of snacks without much hassles.
Naziya Khan
5 star
Cooking has Become Easy Now
I bought KENT curry cooker and fryer a few weeks ago and I am quite happy with the performance of the appliance. I am not a very good cook but the dal makhani that I made using the curry cooker and fryer was fantastic. The price of the curry cooker and fryer is also affordable and is one of the best additions in my kitchen.
Anamika Agrawal
5 star
Love this Appliance
My husband gifted me the electric deep fryer on our 5th Anniversary. Though I was not very happy with the choice of gift initially, I have started loving this appliance. The first day I prepared French fries using this electric deep fryer and my family members loved the crispy and healthy tea-time snacks. Thanks KENT for the introducing the unique product.
Seema Gupta