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KENT Ozone Disinfection Box

During these trouble times, everything needs to be disinfected to keep one’s away from Bacteria and Viruses to keep any kind of cross-contamination away. KENT Ozone Disinfection Box is an advanced way of disinfecting daily use items by killing bacteria, viruses and pathogens. It has an ozone generator inside that generates ozone gas to reach the small pores of the items for better disinfection process than UV sterilizer. This fully-automatic appliance can disinfect items like Cotton Gloves, Cotton Masks, Credit Card Machine, Currency, Mobile Phones, Doctor’s Accessories like a Stethoscope, Baby Items like Milk Bottles etc.

Best Price : ₹ 5,900.00

MRP: ₹ 7,500.00



Equipped with Bio-Friendly Ozone Generator

This sealed box comes with a bio-friendly ozone generator that generates ozone gas that disinfects items by killing bacteria, viruses, and pathogens.
The Independent Laboratory Study confirms that it kills those bacteria and viruses to an extent of 99.99%. Also, frequent use of this disinfection box makes it effective against the cruel pandemic.

Disinfects Multiple Items

Ideal for disinfecting both professional and household items for daily use, KENT Ozone Disinfection Box helps disinfect Cotton Gloves, Cotton Masks, Credit Card Machine, Currency, Mobile Phones, Doctor’s Accessories like a Stethoscope, Baby Items like Milk Bottles, Earphones, House/ Car Keys and whatnot.

Better than UV Sterilizer

Better than UV Sterilizer

Unlike UV light that sterilizes bacteria and viruses, which are only visible to the surface, while the product’s ozone gas penetrates 100% surface of your items and enters the pores to kill those harmful bacteria and viruses.

20-Minutes Disinfection Cycle

KENT Ozone Disinfection Box eliminates the need to frequently check whether disinfection cycle is done or not. The moment you switch on the box, the red light will turn on. Blinking of orange light means the ozone generator has started. When the orange light gets fully on, it indicates the end of ozone generation. After 18 minutes of disinfection, the green light will turn on and the buzzer sound indicates the completion of the disinfection cycle.


  • Product

    KENT Ozone Disinfection Box

  • Product Code


  • Volume

    8 L

  • Ozone Output

    200 mg/hr

  • Mounting

    Wall Mounting / Counter Top

  • Dimensions(mm)

    372 (L) x 235 (W) x 277 (H)

  • Input Power Supply

    Single Phase 230 V AC, 50-60 Hz

  • Operating Temperature

    0-40 oC

  • Rated Power Consumption

    13 W

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