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KENT Super Power Grinder and Blender

No matter you crave for an ice-crushed café-like coffee, want to make your favorite chutney or grind raw turmeric, KENT Super Power Grinder and Blender has got you covered. The 2L BPA-Free Wet Blending Jar, 1L SS Grinding Jar and 400ml SS Chutney Jar lets you easily completes different kitchen chores almost hands-free. These lockable jars have SS304 rust-proof blades that ensure you always end up with a quick and even result. They also have spill-proof lids to avoid any leakage or spills.

Best Price : ₹ 5,799.00

MRP: ₹ 8,250.00



High Speed Operation

High Speed Operation

KENT Super Power Grinder and Blender has 30,000rpm electronic variable speed operation, so you can blend and grind anything within seconds. Whether it’s your favorite ice-crushed smoothie, chutney for snack time, dosa batter, or freshly grounded raw haldi, this kitchen appliance can do all.

Quality BPA-Free and Stainless Steel Jars

BPA-Free and Stainless Steel Lockable Jars

This modern kitchen appliance has a 2L BPA-Free Wet Blending Jar, 1L SS Grinding Jar and 400ml SS Chutney Jar with a thickness of 1.0mm for durability and hygienic and handsfree operations. All the lockable jars have SS304 blades with a thickness of 1.5mm to blend/ grind tough items like ice and raw turmeric without delay. Also, their spill-proof lids ensure secure locking and prevents any spills.

Pulse Function & Speed Control

Pulse Function & Speed Control

When it comes to completing quick chores such as grinding chutney, its pulse function comes really handy and useful. While its speed control switch helps you precisely adjust the speed of this Super Power Grinder and Blender according to certain ingredients or food items for the right texture.

Powerful Motor

Copper-Winded Motor

Its 1200W power and high-performance 100% copper-winded motor are the next best features, why you want KENT Super Power Grinder and Blender for home. Copper is known for its superior conductivity and low-resistance, so it keeps the motor cool during longer or constant use of the appliance.

Overheating and Overcurrent Protection

Overheating and Overcurrent Protection

Safety is one of the top priorities. This Super Power Grinder and Blender comes with overheating and overcurrent protection to keep your appliance safe from short circuit and overheating.


  • Product Name

    KENT Super Power Grinder & Blender

  • Wet Blending Jar Capacity

    2 L

  • Product Code


  • Input Power Supply

    Single Phase 220 V, AC 50 Hz.

  • Total Power Consumption

    1,200 W

  • Net Weight

    4.7 kg

  • SS Dry Grinding Jar Capacity

    1 L

  • SS Chutney Jar Capacity

    0.4 L

  • Maximum Speed

    30,000 RPM

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