• KENT Auto Sanitiser

    Sanitise your hands with the all-new and touch-less KENT Auto Sanitiser. It is equipped with a smart in-built infrared sensor that senses your hand below the dispenser. KENT Auto Sanitiser has a high storage capacity of 12 L with a removable tank for easy refilling and cleaning of the appliance to maintain optimum hygiene.

  • KENT Vegetable Disinfectants

    Readily helps in removing contaminants from your food which may have transferred from multiple hand exchange. Now, disinfect your fruits and vegetables from unwanted bacteria, viruses, chemicals and pesticides with KENT Vegetable Disinfectants.

  • KENT Ozone Air Disinfectants

    With revolutionary Ozone Disinfection Technology to disinfect you room’s air from bacteria and viruses. With its user-friendly application, KENT Ozone Air Disinfectants are the most suitable appliances for both personal and small commercial spaces.