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Deteriorating Water Quality

5 Reasons to choose Kent

Why Kent RO?

Need for KENT RO Water Purifiers

Removes Dissolved Impurities from Water
Removes Dissolved Impurities from Water

Boiling the water or using conventional purifiers (UV) only kills bacteria and viruses but does not remove dissolved impurities. RO Purifiers however, besides removing bacteria and viruses also remove harmful dissolved impurities.

Mineral RO TM Technology

KENT's patented Mineral RO TM Technology retains essential natural minerals in purified water using the TDS Controller, thereby providing 100% safe and tasty drinking water.

Double Purification for 100% Pure Water
Double Purification Technology

RO Purification followed by UV/UF Purification removes dissolved impurities, kills bacteria & viruses and make water 100% Pure.

Save Water Technology
Save Water technology

Conventional RO purifiers reject a lot of the water and retain only a small quantity of water as purified. KENT’s Save Water Technology uses a computer-controlled process to recover more water as purified. The rejected water is stored in a separate tank which can be utilized for mopping and washing.

KENT Advantages

Quality Certifications

Only KENT has highest quality certifications by world's best laboratories like :

NSF - Quality Certification
WQA - Quality Certification
Awards & Recognition

KENT is the most awarded brand of RO water purifiers in India :

Most Valuable Brands Award
100 Brands That Rocked I ndia
Golden Peacock Award For Eco-Innovation
Best Domestic Water Purifier Award
Reader's Digest Trusted Brand Award
Asia's Most Promising Brands
The Most Trusted and Preferred Brand

As per the Brand Trust Reports of 2015 & 2016, KENT is the most trusted water purifier brand in India. The achievements are proof that KENT gives the most purified water across the nation. KENT is trusted by millions, making it the World's Best Water Purifier.

Most Trusted Brand of Water Purifiers in India 2014 - 2015 Most Trusted Brand of Water Purifiers in India 2015 - 2016 India's Most Trusted Brand Most Valuable Brands Award

Widest Product Range

KENT has the world's largest range of RO Water Purifiers

KENT Water Purifiers Range
Nationwide Service Network

Widest service network across the nation with over 1500+ service partners, to make sure that customers experience continued and trouble-free after sales support.

KENT Service Network

Popular RO Water Purifier Reviews

Kent Grand Plus

KENT Grand+

5 6 Ratings & Reviews


RO+UV+UF+TDS Control
Wall Mounted
8 L
5 Overall the best RO in India

We live in Noida and like most of the people used bottled water for all domestic purposes. However, my daughter got severe stomach infection and that when we decided to go for an RO water purifier. Considering the positive reviews from our friends, we decided to opt for KENT Grand+. Now, we are not only sure about the water quality but also save money.

Mukesh Chauhan | Noida
5 Excellent Water Purification Technology

Ordered for KENT Grand+ from KENT online store and I am really happy with the product. The water quality has improved and the ample storage capacity provides continuous supply of pure water. The wall-mountable design saves a lot of counter-space, which is an added advantage of the product.

Nisha | Bangalore
Kent Pearl

KENT Pearl

4.8 5 Ratings & Reviews


RO+UV+UF+TDS Control
Wall Mounted/Counter Top
8 L
5 Worth the investment

I have been using KENT Pearl for the last 3 months and I am quite happy with the product. The installation was done within a day after calling the customer care of KENT. Happy with the overall quality of the product and services.

Sumeet Kumar | Ghaziabad
5 Nice RO+ UV+ UF+TDS water purifier system

I recently shifted to Greater Noida and water purifier was an absolute necessity. After getting the water quality tested, we decided to opt for KENT Pearl as it was within our budget and perfect for our small kitchen. The detachable tank makes it very easy to clean the purifier without any hassles. Love this product.

Satish Krishnan | Greater Noida
Kent Supreme

KENT Supreme

5 5 Ratings & Reviews


RO+UV+UF+TDS Control
Wall Mounted
9 L
5 Awesome RO Water Purifier

The best feature of the product is the dual storage tank. The water purifier stores the rejected water in a separate tank which you can use for different cleaning purposes. This new feature helps in avoiding wastage. Overall the product is excellent and provides value for money.

Ashish | Kolkata
5 Very Reliable RO Filter

I bought KENT Supreme 2 years back and I am really impressed with the product. Regular cleaning and maintenance, the water purifier functions without any glitch. The water purifier also improves the taste of water. A very reliable product by KENT.

Naveen Bisht | Mumbai
Kent Excell Plus

Kent Excell Plus

5 3 Ratings & Reviews


RO+UV+UF+TDS Control
Under the Counter
7 L
5 Best under the counter purifier

We were looking for an under-the-sink water purifier for our kitchen. Considering the limited options available, we decided to opt for a water purifier from a reliable brand like KENT. The RO purifier is a perfect addition to our modular kitchen. The water purifier installation process was smooth. The only point that you need to keep in mind is to check the water pressure and power connection.

Raghav | Bangalore
5 Loved the under the sink water purifier model

I have been using KENT Excell Plus for almost 6 months and I am satisfied with the product. Saves a lot of space and provides excellent quality water. I have also opted for the optional storage tank which is a great feature as you can get continuous supply of water even in the absence of electricity.

Rohit Sinha | Gurgaon
Kent Perk


5 2 Ratings & Reviews


RO+UF+TDS Control
20 L
5 Good purifier for a large family

We live in a joint family, which is the reason why we were looking for a purifier with higher capacity. After a lot of research, we decided to go for KENT Perk as we also heard a lot of positive reviews. We haven faced any issue with the purifier till date and it also saves the expenses of buying bottled water.

Anisha Singh | Kanpur
5 Good experience with KENT

I have a day care centre and providing safe drinking water to kids is our priority. We were looking for a high capacity commercial RO water purifier and so opted for KENT Perk. The best part is the water purifier provides both chilled and normal water. Overall I loved the product.

Anjali Verma | Pune

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What is RO Water Purifier?

RO water Purifiers are the finest purification system till date. At the heart of RO water purifier is a Reverse Osmosis (semi-permeable) membrane having capillaries as small as 0.0001 microns that removes dissolved impurities (salts and heavy metals) and converts hard water to sweet and purer drinking water. The multi-stage filters and RO membrane effectively remove contaminants such as arsenic, sodium, copper, lead and other organic chemicals. It can also filter out harmful microorganisms so that you get safe and clean drinking water. Whether you are concerned about your health or taste of water that you drink, an RO water purifier is a great addition to your home.

How RO Water Purifiers Work?

RO water purifiers use multi-stage purification methods to remove impurities. Each purification stage removes a particular type of contaminant to make water safe for consumption. KENT RO water purifiers use different kinds of membranes and filters to purify water. The various types of filters used by best RO water purifier are as follows:

What Impurities do RO Water Purifiers Remove?

RO membrane present in the water purifiers remove contaminants based on their sizes. The semi permeable membrane used in domestic RO water purifiers can remove impurities which are down to 0.001 microns in size. Reverse Osmosis process removes 99% dissolved pollutants such as nitrates, bacteria, arsenic, lead, fluoride, sulfates and pharmaceuticals. The carbon filter present in KENT RO water purifier effectively removes chlorine and chloramines. RO filter is also very effective in treating brackish, surface and ground water.

Why do you need an RO Purifier?

If TDS level in water is high, it is recommended to use an RO water purifier to purify the water. Reverse Osmosis is the only purification process that removes dissolved impurities such as chemicals, pesticides and heavy metals present in water. These purifiers also help in improving the taste and odour to make water suitable for consumption

Is RO purified water safe for consumption?

KENT RO water purifiers not only remove all kinds of impurities present in water, but also maintain essential minerals. The in-built TDS Controller used in the best RO water purifier for home helps in retaining essential minerals lost during the reverse osmosis process. As water passes through multiple purification processes, you can be sure that the water you are drinking is not just pure but is healthy too.

What Makes KENT RO Water Purifiers Different?

KENT, an industry leader, provides the widest range of best RO water purifier in India. The state-of-the-art technologies used by the RO water purifier models make them stand out from other options. The water purifiers from KENT use patented Mineral ROTM technology. The in-built TDS Controller in KENT RO allows adjustment of TDS level of purified water. KENT has also introduced Save Water Technology in many RO purifier models, which recovers more than 50% water as purified. Whether you need wall-mounted, table-top commercial or under-the-counter purifiers, you can find something according to your installation needs.

RO Water Purifier Price List

INR 20,000
INR 20,000
INR 21,000
INR 60,000
INR 19,500
INR 20,000
INR 17,000
INR 65,000
INR 18,500
INR 19,500
INR 19,500
INR 19,500
INR 20,500
INR 36,000
INR 20,500
INR 20,500
INR 19,500
INR 18,500
INR 18,500
INR 18,500
INR 20,000
INR 19,000
INR 17,500
INR 20,000
INR 18,500

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