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Vacuum insulated bottles and flasks that maintain the temperature of beverage for a long time

KENT Vacuum Pot

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INR 700 - INR 1250
  • KENT Vacuum Flask SS-500 ml

    Stainless steel flask that maintains the freshness, flavour and temperature of beverage

    KENT Vacuum Flask SS-500 ml
    MRP: INR 700/-
  • Vacuum Flask SS-1000 ml

    A high capacity stainless steel flask that locks the temperature of hot or cold beverage

    Vacuum Flask SS-1000 ml
    MRP: INR 1050/-
  • KENT Thermos Bottle SS-500 ml

    Durable vacuum insulated thermos bottle that keeps liquid safe for consumption

    KENT Thermos Bottle SS-500 ml
    MRP: INR 800/-
  • KENT Thermos Bottle SS-700

    A durable and user-friendly thermos bottle ideal for storing hot or cold beverage

    KENT Thermos Bottle SS-700
    MRP: INR 900/-
  • KENT Vacuum Pot

    An ideal vacuum pot for keeping beverages hot or cold for long hours

    KENT Vacuum Pot
    MRP: INR 1250/-
  • KENT Vacuum Bottle

    Keeps juices and smoothies fresh for long duration

    KENT Vacuum Bottle
    MRP: INR 800/-