Large Variety of Healthcare Products

Think Purity.
Think KENT.

Being one of the most trusted brand in India, KENT offers a large variety of healthcare products such as water purifiers , air purifiers , cooking appliances and vacuum cleaners .

With a wide range of healthcare appliances, KENT ensures that your family stays healthy and free of diseases.

KENT Water Purifiers

Water Purifiers

The double purification technology of RO + UV/UF, which remove even the dissolved impurities apart from removing the Bacteria & Viruses. But it retain the essential natural minerals in purified water.

Our Best Selling Water Purifiers

KENT Air Purifiers

Air Purifiers

Breathe pure with our air purifiers based on innovative HEPA technology. It removes 99.9% of pollutants like dust, smoke, pollens and even PM 2.5 pollution, making the indoor air fresh and pollution free for breathing.

Our Best Selling Air Purifiers

KENT Cooking Appliances

Cooking Appliances

Enjoy healthy, tasty and faster cooking with our modern cooking appliances. The combination of quality and efficiency ensure that you eat and stay healthy.

Our Best Selling Cooking Appliances

KENT Vacuum Cleaners

Vacuum Cleaners

Make your home healthy and comfortable our vacuum cleaners based on the revolutionary Cyclonic technology. It extracts more dust and with tested and proven HEPA filters, ensures minimal release of dust and bacteria back into the atmosphere than traditional vacuums cleaners.

Our Best Selling Vacuum Cleaners