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Advanced Bag less Technology with HEPA Filtration


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About Kent Vacuum Cleaner

A healthy indoor environment is essential in today's world. But with the increasing indoor pollution, most of the traditional methods of cleaning became ineffective. Everyone needs an equipment which catches and traps pollute air allows you to in-hail fresh and pure air. For that you need to buy a vacuum cleaner from KENT, which uses the revolutionary cyclonic technology.

Purify the air in your home and office with the all new Vacuum Cleaners offered to you from the brand KENT. KENT designed the vacuum cleaners using the profound Cyclonic Technology, HEPA filters and UV light disinfection system. The Cyclonic Vacuum Cleaner is the best vacuum cleaner for home use as it eliminates bacteria, dust and viruses from the room ensuring a clean and healthy environment for everyone.

The futuristic Cyclonic Technology (without filtration bags) used for trapping dust and HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Arrestor) filter for catching lower dust makes it the best vacuum cleaner in India and across countries. It has an advanced high efficiency motor build with strong suction force, which is used for efficient cleaning. It comes with a compact and contemporary design and a UV light, which helps in killing bacteria, dust and molds from bed and upholstery.

Buy this vacuum cleaner online and remove dust and other impurities from indoors. Use the KENT brand vacuum cleaner and keep your carpet, sofa, bed and your indoor environment clean and healthier.

Advantages of KENT Vacuum Cleaners

Revolutionary Cyclonic Technology

KENT vacuum cleaners use cyclonic technology with high efficiency motor and a bag less system for stronger suction force and better air dynamics for superior dust collection and spotless cleaning.

Cyclonic Technology Vacuum Cleaners

Reduced Air Pollution

Incorporated with proven HEPA filters, dust and bacteria doesn't release back in the air. In fact, none of the dust trapped in the collector goes back into the atmosphere - a unique feature which cannot be matched by the conventional vacuum cleaners

Hepa Filter Vacuum Cleaner

UV Disinfection

Kent Vacuum Cleaners use powerful UV light disinfection system to kill or neutralize bacteria, viruses and dust-mites from flat surfaces, making the indoor environment clean and safe.

Uv disinfection Vacuum Cleaner

Nationwide Service Network

Widest service network across the nation with our 1500+ service partners and Pan-India coverage

Kent Vacuum Cleaners Service Partners in India

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