Surfaces which look clean to the naked eye actually house millions of dust mites, bacteria and viruses. Traditional methods like sweeping, dusting etc. only displace the dust, which settles back after some time but does not eliminate dust and germs from your indoor space.

Dusting and sweeping does not remove the dust it only unsettles it. Brushing off the bedsheet, pillows and blankets or tossing them in the air leads to air pollution. Your bed might look clean but bacteria, viruses and mites sharply infiltrate your room and get re-absorbed in the beds, pillows, blankets and curtains.

Dust mites can be found everywhere including couches, beds, pillows, mattress and other places. The dust mites are so small that 1 gram of dust would contain approximately 19000 mites. These bugs release an 'allergen' which is known to trigger asthma and other allergies which can cause health issues in children, elderly and pregnant women.

Kent Vacuum Cleaners are designed using revolutionary cyclonic technology, UV light disinfectant and HEPA filter which together give spot-less, dust and germ free environment. Unlike traditional vacuum cleaners which release the captured dust back into the air and are cumbersome to use, KENT Vacuum Cleaners are not only hassle-free but more efficient in cleaning.

KENT Vacuum Cleaners comes with a cyclonic technology which eliminates the use of dust bags.

KENT Bed and Upholstery Vacuum Cleaner can be used to clean and disinfect any flat surface like sofa, mattress, bed sheets, quilts, pillow etc.

One needs to ensure that the appliance is not more than 5 cm from the surface and is not at more than 30 degree angle from the surface.

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