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KENT Cold Pressed Juicer

Switch those processed juice with more sugar content and give yourself and family a healthier lifestyle with KENT Cold Pressed Juicer. This slow squeezing technique yields more juice and preserve maximum vitamins, minerals, fibre, and original taste without any heat or processing. It is designed with reverse motor action that clears any pulp blockages for a smoother extraction. Also, the juicer has a wide feeding tube, so you can add bigger ingredients with ease.

Best Price : ₹ 12,000.00

MRP: ₹ 14,250.00



Low-Speed Retains Maximum Nutrients

KENT Cold Pressed Juicer uses a low-speed squeezing method to provide you a glass full of essential vitamins, minerals, fibre, and original taste that usually get destroyed from heat and processing. Well, your morning routine not only got better but healthier.

Quality Construction

This cold pressed juicer’s body material is food grade plastic, which makes it safe and convenient for daily use. Also, the material is known to not produce much heat, thus, retains essential natural nutrients.

Reverse Motor Action

KENT Cold Pressed Juicer is designed with a reverse motor action, a feature that cannot be matched by the centrifugal juicers. So, the reverse motor clean any pulp blockages and makes the extraction process better and faster.

Wide Feeding Tube

This cold pressed juicer cuts the hassle of chopping or pushing the ingredients through the feeding tube. You can directly add bigger pieces that not just reduces the preparation time but adds to its nutritional value as well.

Powerful 250W Motor

Unlike those conventional juicers, this user-friendly KENT Cold Pressed Juicer comes with a powerful 250W motor that ensures low noise operation, faster juice extraction and an effortless outflow, thus, daily juicing got even easier.


  • Product Name

    KENT Cold Pressed Juicer

  • Product Code


  • Input Power Supply

    Single Phase 220 V AC, 50 Hz

  • Maximum Power

    250 W

  • Net Weight

    7.2 kg

  • Motor Speed

    65 ∓ 5 RPM

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