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Pressed Juicer

Low RPM juicer that helps retain nutrients and fibre.

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Heavy-duty Cold Pressed juicer to Extract Juices with Nutrients and fibre

KENT Cold Pressed Juicer employs a low speed squeezing technique, which not only retains the natural and original taste, but also the nutrients, making the juice healthier and tastier.

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Kent slow juicer retain more nutrients & fibres

Retains More Nutrients And fibre

In conventional juicers, the nutrients and fibres get oxidised due to the heat generated as a result of high speed spinning. On the other hand, KENT Cold Pressed Juicer does not produce as much heat as generated by the conventional juicers, thus keeping the nutrients and fibres intact.

Kent Juicer - Produce more juice

Produces More Juice

With the KENT Cold Pressed Juicer, the juice is first extracted by crushing and then pressing the fruits and vegetables, thus giving more juice.

faster juice extraction

Faster Extraction

It comes with a powerful motor and a unique cup design resulting in faster juice extraction and a smoother outflow.

Kent Slow Juicer - Different Filters For Different Usage

Different Filters For Different Usage

It comes with two filter screens for different usage; a fine-meshed filter screen for hard fruits and vegetables like carrot, cucumber, apple, etc. and a wide-meshed filter screen for soft fruits and vegetables like watermelon, orange, tomato, etc.

Slow Juicer with reverse action motor

Blockage Free Operation

KENT Cold Pressed Juicer comes with a special reverse action motor which makes it easier to clear the blockages, a feature which cannot be matched by the conventional juicers.


Model Number KC-SJ502
Net Weight 7.2 kg
Input Power Supply Single Phase 220 V, AC 50 Hz.
Motor Speed 65+- 5 RPM
Maximum Power 250 W

Brochures & Manuals

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  • KENT Cold Pressed Juicer Brochure
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KENT Slow Juicer

Human body is a complex machine that needs to be unremittingly replenished with right quantity of nutrients. This is possible by having fruit and vegetable juices, which is the easiest and safest ways to refill the body with the requisite amount of nutrients & fibres. Drinking fresh pressed juice can cleanse your system and can even boost your immune system. Keeping this in mind, KENT has brought Kent Cold Pressed Juicer one of the best slow juicers that can help you extract fresh vegetable and fruit juice there by making you stay health. The juicer while processing does not produce much heat thus retaining more nutrients and fibres in extracted juice. The juicer is quite efficient and you can even make almond and cashew milk with it. Buy KENT cold pressed juicer online and add another model to your home appliances today!

About Cold Pressed Juicer

Cold pressed juices provide innumerable health benefits, which is the reason why many people have shifted their focus to slow juicers. Conventional juicers generate excess heat as a result of high speed spinning process, thereby destroying the fibres and essential nutrients. Cold Pressed juicers, however, crush and press the fruits and vegetables to yield highest quantity of juice. As cold pressed juicers don’t produce excess heat, they help in keeping the nutrients of intact. The best part is cold pressed juicers also retain fibres in the extracted juice.

Why to buy Kent Cold Pressed Juicer

KENT Cold Pressed Juicers use low RPM to extract more juice and also retain the essential nutrients present in the fruits and vegetables. The low speed squeezing process also retains the original and natural taste of the juice making it a healthier alternative than conventional juices. The powerful motor of the cold pressed juicers help in faster extraction of juice. The two filter screens used by the juicer make it ideal for extracting juice of both hard and soft vegetables and fruits. The user-friendly and functional design makes it safe and convenient to use the appliance.

Use of Cold Pressed Juicer Machine

KENT Cold Pressed Juicers are ideal for extracting juice from hard and soft vegetables and fruits. Whether you want to start your day with a glass of healthy juice or yummy milk shakes, cold pressed juicers from KENT can help you out. The numerable uses of the innovative appliance makes it an ideal appliance for your kitchens.

Customer Reviews

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Review Rating
An excellent product by KENT
I love to start my day with a glass of juice. However, preparing different types of juices with my traditional juicer was troublesome. That’s when I came across KENT cold pressed juicer. The wonderful juicer from KENT helps in preparing healthy juices within minutes. The best part is the juicer helps in retaining more fibre and nutrients as it doesn’t generate heat.
Yashika Tiwari
Review Rating
Very Nice Product
This is one of the best juicers that I have come across. The powerful juicer uses low-speed squeezing process which helps in retaining natural and original nutrients. The best part is the juicer machine has a blockage free operation which is not available with conventional juicers. The juicer can also make tasty milk shakes without any hassles.
Review Rating
Kent Juicer Machine – Easy to use and clean
Nothing tastes better than drinking freshly prepared juice in the morning. However, making the juice was a hassle as I stay alone and don’t have the time to spend too much time preparing healthy juices in the morning. A friend of mine suggested me to opt for the KENT Cold Pressed Juicer which is easy to operate and clean. I am very satisfied with the product and would recommend it to people who want to prepare juice without any hassles.
Amruta Poonawalla
Review Rating
Best Juicer for Fruits & Vegetables
I love my Kent Juicer and strongly recommend this to everyone who are looking for a best cold pressed juicer. It saves time in the morning when I am in a hurry to go to work. It is easy to clean and yields more juice than conventional juicers. Great Juicer at best price. Very impressive and elegant design.
Smita Kulkarni