For Perfectly Boiled Eggs,the Way You Like them

KENT Instant Egg Boiler is an all new appliance with a flat heating plate which helps in boiling eggs faster. The device is ideal for your homes, hostels as well as hotel rooms. The egg boiler is an ideal appliance to fulfil your nutritional needs.

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3 Boiling Modes – Best Electric Egg Boiler in India

3 Boiling Modes

The advanced appliance from KENT allows you to boil eggs in 3 different modes - hard, medium and soft. All you need to do is add appropriate quantity of water and turn on the machine.

Simple and easy to use Egg Boiler in India

Automatic Operation

KENT Instant Egg Boiler is easy to operate. All you need to do is put the eggs in the appliance, add appropriate quantity of water and select the desired mode. The machine will turn off automatically when the eggs are boiled.

Easy and Quick Operation Best Egg Boiler

Easy and Quick Operation

KENT Instant Egg boiler comes with a one-touch operation which makes it easy to operate the appliance without any hassles.

Stainless Steel Egg Boiler Online

Stainless Steel Body and Heating Plate

KENT Instant Egg Boiler comes with a stainless steel body and heating plate which help in boiling eggs faster.

Overheating Protection Egg Boiler

Overheat Protection

The appliance comes with advanced safety features such as automatic power off and overheating protection for the convenience of the users.