World's First Compact Water Softener, ideal for washing machines, dishwashers and geysers in bathroom that converts hard water into soft and generates extra lather for superior washing and bathing. With KENT Mini Water Softener for home, you can now say goodbye to effects of hard water.

Kent Supereb Plus Double Purification

Easy Installation & Operation

KENT Mini Water Softener is very easy to install and operate. It has a unique valve that facilitates manual regeneration within minutes without any help from the technician.

Retain essential natural minerals in Water

Softening Technology

KENT Mini Water Softener converts hard water into soft water by replacing hard salts like Calcium and Magnesium with Sodium through an efficient ion-exchange process. This is done with the help of high quality resin beads that are charged with sodium salts, which attract hard salts and convert them into soft salts.

Water Softener for Washing Machine

Application for Washing Machines

KENT Mini Water Softener helps generate extra lather, thereby providing superior washing, using less detergent. The clothes also become softer and cleaner.

Retain essential natural minerals in Water

Application for Geysers

Soft water prevents formation of salt deposits in the geyser and thus ensures its long life. It readily mixes with soap, helps generate extra lather that does not make the skin feel dry.

Water Softener for Dish Washers

Application for Dishwashers

Use of soft water in dishwasher protects cutlery as it prevents formation of chalky white spots.