Now Get Pure Water with Zero Water Wastage

Now, reduce water wastage and at the same time retain essential minerals in RO purified water with the world’s best ‘Zero Water Wastage’ Technology introduced by KENT. Conventional RO purifiers waste a lot of water during the purification process. This is where KENT’s Zero Water Wastage Technology stands out. KENT RO Purifiers equipped with the ‘Zero Water Wastage’ Technology push back the rejected water to the overhead tank, thereby rendering wastage to zero. As a result, instead of wasting the rejected water, it gets diluted and reused as normal tap water for household purposes.

FAQs on Zero Water Wastage

  • No you don’t need to buy a new KENT RO Water Purifier. You can easily upgrade the existing RO purifier to ‘Zero Water Wastage’ technology with an upgrade kit.

  • Yes, the new Zero Water Wastage Technology can be implemented on all KENT RO Purifiers, whether domestic or commercial.

  • The internal pump is robust enough to easily push up water in multi-storey buildings. The pump easily pushes the rejected water to a maximum of 10 storeys.

  • KENT Grand+ is equipped with Zero Water Wastage Technology. There won’t be any necessity to upgrade the water purifier

  • It is advisable to take the help of a technician for efficient installation and prevent any damage to the product

  • No, the internal pump is enough to push the water back to the overhead tank.

  • There’s no requirement for a separate tank as water will be pushed back to the overhead tank that you already use to store water for everyday needs.

  • RO purifier uses less than 10% of the total amount of water in your overhead tank. It implies that the rejected water that goes back to the overhead tank is less than 5% of total water in overhead tank. When this rejected water goes up, it will get diluted with fresh water supplied to the overhead tank on periodic basis. As a result, the TDS of overhead tank water will increase marginally and will have no adverse effect on any home appliances, pipes and fittings in the home.

  • There will be no adverse effect on the life of the membrane and filters of the RO purifiers as the water will get diluted with fresh water supplied every day to the overhead tank.