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Advanced Bag less Technology with HEPA Filtration


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Popular Vacuum Cleaner Reviews

Bed Upholstery Vacuum Cleaner

Bed Upholstery Vacuum Cleaner

4.8 6 Ratings & Reviews


5 Nice Product, Effective UV Lamp

I was looking for a vacuum cleaner to clean bed and sofa, when I came across Kent Upholstery Vacuum Cleaner. I found this sofa vacuum cleaner to be very effective because it has UV lamp in it. Now no more bacteria, virus or cysts on your bed or sofa. Loved the appliance, worth purchasing it!

Nidhi Modi | Hyderabad
5 Powerful and Best Vacuum Cleaner

For surface cleaning I have a vacuum cleaner, but I was searching for a small and handy one for cleaning bed pillows. After a long search at online stores, I have come across Kent bed and upholstery vacuum cleaner, which the best bed vacuum cleaner. It is handy and powerful enough to clean bed and pillow. I am happy using this product and I would recommend it for all.

Naveen Pathak | Mumbai
Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner

Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner

4.7 4 Ratings & Reviews


Wet & Dry
5 Good Vacuum Cleaner

Bought this wet and dry vacuum cleaner 3 months back and it is a great value for money. It is the best wet and dry vacuum cleaner that has good suction power. The look is like a robot and it is very easy to use. I am using it daily and it is very handy and user friendly. Recommend it for all.

Prashant Modi | Pune
5 Excellent Value for Money

I must say, I am totally pleased using this wet and dry vacuum cleaner. It has high efficient motor with strong suction force that can efficiently clean dust from every corner. The vacuum cleaner with blower function is also excellent and I am very satisfied using it. Nice product.

Neeta Pandit | Kolkata
Force Cyclonic Vacuum Cleaner

Force Cyclonic Vacuum Cleaner

5.0 4 Ratings & Reviews


5 Great Value for Money

Cleaning every nook and corner of your home is not that easy that you think, so, do I. Using just a broom for cleaning take a lot of time, so, I thought of buying vacuum cleaner for dust cleaning. I bought Kent force cyclonic vacuum cleaner that made my work easier. I appreciate the technology and it’s worthy and useful.

Kavita Pradhan | Chennai
5 Excellent Product

It is very excellent product. I have bought it 2 months back and I found it to be very helpful. Now no more usage of broom, just this bag less vacuum cleaners with heap filter made things easier for me. I am happy using this vacuum cleaner, trust me you can also get the one for you.

Mukesh Pandey | Patna
Wizard Vacuum Cleaner

Wizard Vacuum Cleaner

4.7 4 Ratings & Reviews


5 One of the best vacuum cleaners I have used

I was looking for a light-weight and bagless vacuum cleaner as these are easy to use. That’s when I came across KENT Wizard Cyclonic Vacuum cleaner. After comparing the features and price of different vacuum cleaners, I bought KENT Wizard Cyclonic Vacuum cleaner. The compact design and FOAM filters in the vacuum cleaner makes it easy to clean even hard to reach places.

Smriti Gupta | Lucknow
5 Easy to use and Handy product

I bought KENT Wizard Vacuum cleaner two months ago and I am really happy with the product. The best part is the vacuum cleaner is ideal for carpet cleaning. The strong suction force along with the carpet brushes efficiently clean carpets and other hard to clean places. Would definitely recommend this product.

Anu Pandey | Ahmedabad

Vacuum Cleaner

A healthy and clean indoor environment is essential in today's world. But with increasing indoor pollution, most of the traditional methods of cleaning home became ineffective. Everyone needs an cleaning device which catches and traps pollutants from surface of floor and furniture, allowing you to live in healthy home. Buying a powerful vacuum cleaner for home is the perfect solution, since traditional methods of dusting and cleaning is not very effective.

What are Vacuum Cleaners?

Vacuum Cleaners are home appliances used to clean dust from sofa, bed, carpet, floors, unreachable corners etc. Best vacuum cleaner for house cleaning comes in popular handheld, wet & dry and canister models. Vacuum cleaner price depends on the technology used in product. Best vacuum cleaners in India are those using a combination of cyclonic suction, air-bag free HEPA air filter and UV disinfection technologies.

Vacuum cleaner is an electronic device which uses suction force to suck up dust from a flat surface. The air pumps present in these devices create a partial vacuum and suck up dust. The dirt and dust collected by the vacuum cleaner is stored in a bag or bag-less container. However, the problem with bagged vacuum cleaners is the dirty air drifts back into the room. To avoid this problem, you can choose a bagless vacuum cleaner. Depending on your preferences you can choose from canister, wet and dry, handheld vacuum cleaners. Modern day vacuum cleaners come with HEPA filters to provide clean and dust-free surroundings by reducing air pollution with lower dust discharge. Whether you need to clean beds, sofas, pillows or carpets, you can choose a vacuum cleaner that best suits your specific needs.

Need for Vacuum Cleaner

Home cleaning devices are becoming necessity for modern day life. Vacuum cleaners has become an essential utility item for cleaning carpets, sofa, mattresses or any other flat surface with layer of dust and dirt on the surface or absorbed within. A vacuum cleaner makes it easy to clean flat and hard-to-reach surfaces without any hassles. Vacuum Cleaner brands such as KENT uses advanced bagless HEPA and UV technology to easily remove indoor air pollutants such as viruses, germs & bacteria, pet hair, etc. which can’t be removed by dusting.

Different Types of Vacuum Cleaners

Depending on your choice and preferences, vacuum cleaner brands like KENT offer you to choose from different vacuum cleaners types available in market. Some of the common types of vacuum cleaners available in market are:

Handheld Vacuum Cleaners

The small and compact vacuum cleaners are handy, light-weighted. The vacuum cleaners are ideal for cleaning debris and dust from very tight places. The appliance is ideal for cleaning the interior of your cars, bare floors and pet hair present in upholstery.

Canister Vacuum Cleaners

Canister vacuum cleaners are powerful, lightweight and have a slender design. These vacuum cleaners are ideal for cleaning bare floors, drapes, stairs and upholstery. The nozzle and hose of the vacuum cleaner makes it easy to clean hard-to-reach spaces.

Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner

A unique vacuum cleaner that not only cleans dry waste but also sweeps wet spills with ease. Whether you need to clean hot tub, clogged sinks, carpets or fireplace, you can use the wet and dry vacuum cleaner.

Shoe Sole Cleaner

An innovative device by vacuum cleaner brand KENT, a shoe sole cleaner is ideal for keeping your home free from dust and dirt. The compact device cleans dirty shoe sole to keep the indoor environment free from shoe dust.

Which Vacuum Cleaner to Buy?

Before making the final decision, ensure that you have a clear idea about the different types of vacuum cleaners. Depending on your requirements, you can select from bagged or bagless, handheld, canister or wet and dry vacuum cleaners. If you have carpeted floors at home, upholstery vacuum cleaners are the best option for you. Canister vacuum cleaners are ideal for cleaning stairs and hardwood floors. Hand-held vacuum cleaners are ideal for lighter tasks and places that are hard to reach.

KENT Product Range

KENT provides best quality vacuum cleaners that are equipped with HEPA technology to remove dust and other indoor air pollutants. The advanced bagless vacuum cleaners come with HEPA filtration technology to provide a clean, dust-free and spotless surroundings. The high efficient motors of the vacuum cleaners that scoops up dust and dirt from every corner of the room. We have designed the vacuum cleaners using profound Cyclonic Technology, HEPA filters and UV light disinfection system. Our Cyclonic Vacuum Cleaner is the best vacuum cleaner for home use; as it eliminates bacteria, dust and viruses from the room, ensuring a clean and healthy environment for everyone.

The vacuum cleaning machine come with some unique features such as UV disinfection light, multiple brushes, and auto cord retractor to make it convenient to use the vacuum cleaners. Whether you need to clean bed sheets, sofas or wet spills, the product range of KENT meets all your needs. The futuristic Cyclonic Technology (without filtration bags) used for trapping dust and HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Arrestor) filter for catching finest dust particles makes it the best vacuum cleaner in India. Our vacuum cleaner product range have advanced high efficiency motor build that produces strong suction force, which is used for efficient cleaning. It comes with a compact and contemporary design loaded with advanced UV light, which helps in killing bacteria, dust and moulds from bed and upholstery.


KENT provides an impressive range of bag less vacuum cleaners that are light-weight and highly efficient. The bagless vacuum cleaners from KENT use state-of-the-art Cyclonic technology and UV disinfection light to provide a clean, dust-free and spotless surroundings. The UV disinfection lights effectively remove dust mites, bacteria and mould to reduce the chances of allergies and respiratory illnesses. Buy vacuum cleaner online and remove dust and other impurities from your home. Use KENT brand vacuum cleaner for sofa, carpet, bed and your indoor environment cleaning, and keep your home healthier & dust free.You can buy vacuum cleaner online from the our website at best prices.

Vacuum cleaner Price List

INR 9,950
INR 5,950
INR 4,500

Advantages of KENT Vacuum Cleaners

Revolutionary Cyclonic Technology

Cyclonic Technology Vacuum Cleaners

KENT vacuum cleaners use cyclonic technology with high efficiency motor and a bag less system for stronger suction force and better air dynamics for superior dust collection and spotless cleaning. The cyclonic technology produces equal-distributed suction of air making dust cleaning flawless.

Reduced Air Pollution

Hepa Filter Vacuum Cleaner

Incorporated with proven HEPA filters, our products doesn't release dust and bacteria back in the air. In fact, none of the dust trapped in the collector goes back into the atmosphere - a unique feature which cannot be matched by the conventional vacuum cleaners.

UV Disinfection

Uv disinfection Vacuum Cleaner

Kent Vacuum Cleaners use powerful UV light disinfection system to kill / neutralize bacteria, viruses and dust-mites from flat surfaces like bed, sofa, carpets etc. making the indoor environment clean and safe.

Nationwide Service Network

Kent Vacuum Cleaners Service Partners in India

Widest service network across the nation with our 1500+ service partners and Pan-India coverage

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