KENT Ozone Wall Air Disinfectant

Disinfect your rooms from bacteria & viruses with KENT Ozone Wall Air Disinfectant. Designed for wall-mounting, this elegant air disinfectant from KENT uses revolutionary Ozone Disinfection Technology and is appropriate for a room size of up to 37.16 sq meter. It is most suitable for public places like hospitals, waiting lounges, restaurants, small offices, etc.

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Ozone Disinfection Technology

Ozone Disinfection Technology

It is based on the revolutionary Ozone Disinfection Technology that discharges the powerful Ozone gas to effectively kill bacteria, viruses, fungus and other pathogens, which are present in the air. It also cleans the air and inhibits bacterial growth.

Low Noise


It rapidly neutralises stale or foul odour in the air, making the room environment fresh. It also oxidises and decomposes formaldehyde which is beneficial for health.

Eco Friendly

Environment-Friendly Gas

The ozone disinfection technology produces Ozone gas, an environment friendly and resourceful oxidising agent that is sprayed quietly and effectively through a fan. It is produced using the oxygen present in the atmosphere.

Wall Mounted Air Disinfectant

Elegant Design For Wall-Mounting

KENT Ozone Wall Air Disinfectant is suitable for installation in offices, conference rooms, restaurants and other large areas and is ideal for a room size of up to 37.16 sq meter..