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KENT Pop- Up Toaster R

If you are looking for a toaster that gives you the power to control over the browning of the toasts, then your search ends here. Presenting KENT Pop-Up Toaster R with 5 Heating Modes, high lift function and wider slots. Now, enjoy your toasts, the way you like them.



5 Browning Modes

KENT Pop-Up Toaster R comes with 5 browning modes which makes it possible to get the desired color of toasts without burning them. The toaster helps you adjust the heat according to your preference, so that you enjoy toasts just the way you like it.

High Lift Function

Toasting small pieces of bread is not only difficult but not safe for your fingers. This is the reason why KENT Pop-Up Toaster R comes with an extra high lift function. This unique feature ensures that you can easily remove, even small pieces of bread, from the toaster without burning your fingers.

Wider Slots for Better Holding

In many conventional toasters the slot size is not big enough for thicker bread slices. To end this problem, KENT Pop-up Toaster R has wider slots that can hold different types of bread slices, even the thicker ones.

Removable Crumb Tray

Bread crumbs left on the base of the toaster is difficult to remove. This is the reason why KENT Pop-Up Toaster R comes with a removable crumb tray, which makes it very easy to clean the bread crumbs from the toaster.

Defrost Function

Thawing frozen bread before toasting them is a hassle, especially during busy mornings. KENT Pop-Up Toaster R comes with defrost function to make this task an easy one. The smart function helps you thaw and toast the bread in one go.

Reheat Function

Warming cold toasts can be difficult as it alters the crispiness and color. However, with KENT Pop-Up Toaster R, you can easily reheat the toast with one touch without burning or changing the color of the toasts.

Stop Function

The pop-up toaster from KENT comes with a stop function for convenience. You can stop toasting the bread at any time just by pressing the stop button on the appliance. On pressing the stop button, the appliance will automatically eject the toast and switches off.


  • Product Name

    KENT Pop-Up Toaster R

  • Product Code


  • Input Power Supply

    Single Phase 220 V AC, 50 Hz

  • Power Consumption

    850 W

  • Net Weight

    1.5 kg

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