KENT Personal Rice Cooker - Small Rice Cooker for Travellers in India

KENT Personal
Rice Cooker

An ideal appliance for bachelors and travellers that prepares perfectly cooked meals

MRP: INR 2,600
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Kent Personal Rice Cooker

An innovative device that makes it easy for bachelors and travellers to enjoy tasty and hygienic home cooked rice and biryani without any hassles.

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Small Rice Cooker with Induction Heating

Advanced Induction Heating

KENT Personal Rice Cooker comes with an advanced induction heating function that ensures you get evenly cooked rice every time.

Delayed Cooking Function Rice Cooker in India

Delayed Cooking Function

The rice cooker comes with a delayed cooking function that lets you cook food at your desired time. All you need to do is set the timer and the rice cooker will automatically start the steaming process.

Small Electric Rice Cooker with Compact Design

Compact and Portable Design

KENT Personal Rice Cooker has a compact and perfect design which makes it convenient for bachelors and travellers to prepare tasty, healthy and hygienic rice and biryani

Easy to Clean Small Rice Cooker in India

Easy to Clean, Use and Carry

The innovative appliance is easy to use, clean and carry which makes it an ideal kitchen appliance for bachelors and travellers

Product Specifications

Model Name KENT Personal Rice Cooker
Model Number 16019
Net Weight 1.14 kg
Capacity 0.9L
Total Power Consumption 180 W
Input Power Supply Single Phase 220 V AC, 50 Hz

Brochures & Manuals

  • Kent Personal Rice Cooker Manual
    User Manual

Customer Reviews

5 stars, based on 4 reviews
5 star
Rice Cooker with induction heating function
I live alone and cooking becomes a hassle. That’s when my sister gifted me to buy the KENT Personal Rice Cooker. I am very happy with the product as the rice cooker makes it easy to make one pot meals without any hassles. All that I need to do is put all the ingredients in the appliance and the food is ready. The rice cooker is a must-have appliance for bachelors.
Anurag Sharma, Bangalore
5 star
Best Rice Cooker for Bachelors and Travellers
I need to travel a lot and eating out frequently when travelling started affecting my health. That’s when I came across KENT Personal Rice Cooker. I really liked the features of the product. The appliance helps me prepare healthy and tasty meal on the go. KENT Personal Rice Cooker is exactly what I needed.
Rajat Arora, Delhi
5 star
Convenient and Compact Appliance
Being a working professional, preparing lunch can be a hassle, especially during winter. I came across this convenient and small rice cooker while online shopping and really liked the appliance. The best part about the compact rice cooker is I can easily prepare fresh rice and biryani without any hassles. Would definitely recommend the rice cooker if you don’t like preparing lunch every morning.
Santosh Rawat
5 star
A Handy Travel Partner
I have always liked the products introduced by KENT and while checking out their range of cooking appliances came across this small rice cooker. As my father travels a lot, the rice cooker seemed the best gift for him. Thanks to the compact rice cooker, now my father doesn’t need to eat out when he is out on small trips. Thanks KENT for the wonderful product.
Anushree Chandra