Kent 3 Litre Electric Rice Cooker for Small Families & Bachelors

KENT Electric
Rice Cooker-3L

Makes Perfect Rice Every Time and Keeps Food Warm

MRP: INR 2,900
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KENT Electric Rice Cooker-3L

KENT Electric Rice Cooker makes cooking rice, steaming vegetables and making soup an easy task with its one touch operation. An ideal appliance for small families and bachelors, KENT Electric Rice Cooker comes with an advanced induction heating technology that allows precise temperature control in a short time.

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3 Litre Rice Cooker with Advanced Induction Heating

Advanced Induction Heating

KENT Electric Rice Cooker comes with an advanced induction heating function that helps in adjusting temperature within a short span of time.

Compact Design Kent Electric Rice Cooker 3 ltr

Automatic Keep Warm Function

KENT Electric Rice Cooker comes with an automatic keep warm function that helps you keep cooked food warm.

High Quality Aluminium Inner Pot 3L Electric Rice Cooker

High Quality Aluminium Inner Pot

KENT Electric Rice Cooker comes with a high quality thick and non-stick coated aluminium inner pot the evenly distributes heat to cook tasty food.

Cook and Serve Food Instantly

Cook and Serve Design

The appliance has been specifically designed to cook and serve food instantly. The grip handle makes it easy to carry the appliance and serve food without hassles.

High Temperature Electric Rice Cooker in India

High Temperature Operation

KENT Rice Cooker operates at a high temperature that helps in bringing out all the flavours of food. The high temperature ensures every grain is evenly and perfectly cooked.

Product Specifications

Model Name KENT Electric Rice Cooker
Model Number 16013
Net Weight 2.09 kg
Total Power Consumption 860W
Capacity 3L
Input Power Supply Single Phase 220 V AC, 50 Hz

Brochures & Manuals

  • KENT Electric Rice Cooker 3 ltr Manual
    User Manual

Customer Reviews

5 stars, based on 4 reviews
5 star
Very useful For Kitchen
It is a very awesome product. I bought it recently and I am very satisfied with it. I loved its advance keep warm function, which automatic keeps the cooked rice warm for a long time. Just cook and serve from it. Kent is a good brand and I trust it. I recommend others to purchase it and enjoy cooking.
Sunil Mahajan, Gurgaon
5 star
Five Star, User Friendly Operation
I was looking for a rice cooker for my home, and was searching over internet. I suddenly came across Kent rice cooker. I then checked it thoroughly and found that it is really a best cooking appliance. I instantly, bought it and it got delivered within 3 days. I am happy using it and I would ask you all to try this appliance. Thank you Kent!
Pooja Sharma, Pune
5 star
Nice Product… Easy to use
I love eating one pot meals and so bought the KENT 3 ltr Rice Cooker on my friend’s suggestion. I think this is the best 3 litre rice cooker I have come across and really happy with the performance of the product. Being an automatic rice cooker, I don’t need to worry about overcooking the meal and cooking dinner is no more a hassle now. Thank you KENT for introducing this wonderful product
Swati N
5 star
Excellent Product
I came across this wonderful rice cooker at my sister’s place. Really loved the cook and serve design of the appliance and decided to order one for my home. I have been using the 3 litre electric rice cooker for the last one month and quite satisfied with the product. The price of the 3 litre rice cooker is also affordable compared to the advanced features of the appliance. Would definitely recommend this product.
Divya Mishra