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Ordering food from your favorite restaurant is all convenient but making it the same at home is just another level of happiness. Make restaurant like food – all you need is the right appliance.
KENT OTG 21L is the perfect choice to Cook, Heat, Bake your favorite Cake, Grill Chicken, or Toast Garlic Bread. It is ideal for a 6-members family and has all the amazing features to keep you and your family excited about “What’s Today” in the menu. With its easy-to-use knobs for customized cooking, you can set the temperature, time, and control heating according to specific recipes. Other features like 1300W power, keep warm function and timer with auto shut off function will make you forget your regular oven.

Best Price : ₹ 7,500.00

MRP: ₹ 8,000.00



Bake, Grill, & Toast

Whether you want to bake a fresh Dates Walnut cake for a special occasion, grill tikkas and veggies for dinner, or maybe toast mushrooms for a quick afternoon snack, KENT OTG-21L lets you prepare delicious restaurant-like food at home.

Rotisserie & Convection

The OTG comes with both rotisserie and convection to let you explore a variety of new dishes. With the convenient rotisserie function, you can have perfectly grilled vegetables and meat as it rotates the food automatically and constantly. The convection function provides the right texture and browning on your favorite kebabs and more by evenly circulating hot air inside.

Power and Capacity You Wanted

This heavy duty 1300W OTG has a good capacity and can sufficiently cook food for 6 people at a time. KENT OTG- 21L is a perfect choice for your small family or you want to serve guests at a small gathering.

Easy Customized Cooking

This smart cooking appliance comes designed with easy-to-use knobs that lets you set the temperature, time, and control the heat according to what your recipes demands. So just turn the knob and cook a variety of dishes easily and efficiently.

Stay On Function

Unlike microwave oven where you need to reheat your food again, the OTG features this amazing Stay On Function that keeps your food warm for longer duration.

Auto Shut-Off Feature

Cooking manually makes you stand near the dish to constantly check whether done or not. With KENT OTG-21L, once you set the temperature and required time, leave the kitchen. Its timer with auto shut-off feature will turn off the appliance when done, thus giving you peace of mind.

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