KENT Pizza & Omelette Maker

KENT Pizza & Omelette Maker is a compact non-stick appliance that helps you make healthy snacks, hygienically.

Flip Functionality Electric Omelette Maker

Flip Functionality

KENT Pizza & Omelette Maker’s flip functionality allows you to cook on both sides with its dual side heating, ensuring even distribution of heat.

Cook Oil Free Pizzas, Omelettes & Tikkis

Oil-free Cooking

With the non-stick surface, you can cook pizzas, omelettes, tikkis, fish, etc. without using oil, thus ensuring health for you and your family.

Adjustable temperature control Kent Electric Pizza & Omelet Maker

Temperature Control

The adjustable temperature control knob allows you to cook different dishes at different temperatures.

Compact Design Kent Pizza & Omelette Maker Machine

Drip-proof Compact Design

Its compact, modern design prevents any spilling or dripping, making cooking convenient and hassle-free.

Multipurpose Pizza Maker & Omelette Maker

Multipurpose Appliance

KENT Pizza & Omelette Maker is a multipurpose appliance that lets you bake, roast and grill and make tasty delicacies.