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KENT Induction Cooktop KB-83

Now, ease your cooking hassles with the all new KENT Induction Cooktop KB-83. The fast, energy efficient and environment-friendly cooktop comes with an advanced induction technology. The international standards of the product make it safer than the conventional gas stoves.



8 Pre-set Cooking Options

For the convenience of the users, KENT Induction Cooktop KB-83 comes with 8 pre-set menu functions, which is also touch sensitive. Whether you need to make dosa, boil milk or prepare soup, you can easily choose the desired menu function with a single touch.

Better Heating

KENT Induction Cooktop KB-83 helps you cook faster than conventional gas stoves. The appliance doesn't transfer the leftover heat to the utensils, after switching it off. It transmits heat only to the utensil placed on the cooktop and doesn't dissipate heat in the surroundings.

Overheating Protection

Another unique feature of the appliance is overheating protection. If the pan or pot gets too hot, the induction cooktop switches off automatically. An alarm also goes off automatically in case of over-heating. The induction cooktop will be ready for use again after sometime.

Digital Functions with LED Display

For the ease of use, KENT Induction Cooktop KB-83 has a digital function with LED display and simple controls. Every selected mode on the induction cooktop lights an appropriate LED light to display the status of the settings.

Keep Warm Function

Reheating food interferes with the taste of the food. This is the reason why KENT Induction Cooktop KB-83 comes with a unique `Keep Warm` mode. The feature helps in keeping the food warm for a longer period of time so that you can enjoy hot and delicious food any time.

Stainless Steel Frame

KENT Induction Cooktop KB-83 comes with a stainless steel frame. This helps in increasing the durability of the product


  • Product Name

    KENT Induction Cooktop KB-83

  • Product Code


  • Input Power Supply

    Single Phase 230 V, AC 50 Hz.

  • Power Consumption

    2000 W

  • Net Weight

    2.5 kg

  • Temperature Adjustment

    80 ℃ - 270 ℃

  • Dimensions (mm)

    370 (L)X 290 (W) X 70 (H)

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