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KENT Hand Blender – 200W

KENT Hand Blender 200W is one smart and efficient kitchen appliance that makes your daily kitchen chores look effortless. The appliance comes with multiple beaters, dough hooks, and 5 speed control that helps you Blend, Mix, Whisk, and Beat any kind of ingredient in no time. Its turbo function makes all the mixings and blending quick. Not to miss the powerful 100% copper 200W motor that not only ensures longevity but faster results as well.

Best Price : ₹ 1,640.00

MRP: ₹ 2,050.00



5 Variable Speed Control

5 Speed Control

This very versatile kitchen helper with 5 speed controls lets you stay creative in the kitchen. Just switch the speed and you can work with various ingredients for Blending, Mixing, Whisking, and Beating with desired texture and smoothness.

Turbo Function

Turbo Function

Save your precious minutes and use the blender’s turbo function and accelerate the speed during mixing. The feature doesn’t compromise on texture of your recipe and makes preparation less time-consuming.

100% Copper Motor

100% Copper Motor

KENT Hand Blender 200W comes equipped with 100% copper motor that ensures longevity. Copper is known for its superior conductivity and low-resistance, so it keeps the motor cool during longer or constant use of the appliance. Also, the powerful 200W motor ensures faster results.

Multiple Beaters & Dough Hooks

Multiple Beaters & Dough Hooks

Whether you want to bake a cake, whip cream, make perfect icings for the cake, beat eggs, fold various ingredients, or mix some liquids, its multiple beaters and dough hooks can do everything for you. These handy accessories are also easy to attach and detach from the main body.

Overheating Protection

In-Built Overheating Protection

For the user and product’s ultimate safety, the blender has an auto cut-off feature. In case, the appliance starts heating up, it switches off itself.


  • Product Name

    KENT Hand Blender 200 w

  • Product Dimensions

    182 (L)x 147 (W) x 78 (H)

  • Product Code


  • Input Power Supply

    Single Phase 230 V AC, 50 Hz

  • Total Power Consumption

    200 W

  • Net Weight

    0.82 kg

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