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KENT Smart Nutri Blender

KENT Smart Nutri Blender is a new age, high-speed portable blender. Unlike regular blenders in market which come with 2 jars, Kent Smart Nutri Blender comes with a set of 3 jars. Equipped with a high-power motor, 3 speed control with pulse function and auto switch off feature for heating protection, this blender is high on performance and very easy to operate.



Portable multi-functional - Blender and Grinder

Kent Smart Nutri Blender is first-of-its-kind appliance in the market with an encased rotating drum. The encasing prevents spillage of food particles and makes it so safe that even a child can operate it easily. Apart from adding to safety, the encasing is very easy to clean and your grinder requires minimal maintenance.

3 Jars for Multiple Usage

Unlike traditional blenders, Kent Nutri Blender comes with 3 Jars. Apart from 600 ml-Bender Jar and 300 ml – Grinder Jar, it has an additional 400 ml SS Jar for dry grinding and making chutney.

3 Speed Control with Pulse Function

To make your kitchen chores easy and hassle-free, the multi-functional Nutri Blender comes with 3 speed control. Moreover to give you more control over blending and chopping process,this blender comes with Pulse Function, which helps you work at the fastest speed as per your needs and stop when you release the button.

Make Refreshing Smoothies & Shakes

For the convenience of the users, Kent Smart Nutri Blender comes with Make Refreshing Smoothies & Shakes function. You can easily switch and adjust the time of the grinder for different food items.

Prepare Perfect Chutneys

KENT Smart Nutri Blender comes with a handy chutney jar which helps you make perfect chutneys within minutes.

Auto Shut-Off for Overheating Protection

To prevent overheating and damage, it has auto-switch off operation. This feature adds significant convenience, saves energy and improve the life of your blender.

High-Speed Operation

This blender come with a high-power 450 watts motor. The high-speed operation ensures that the food items are perfectly blended and mixed in lesser time.

High-Quality Stainless Steel Blades

The quality of blades has a significant impact on the performance and durability of the product. This is why the Smart Nutri Blender comes with stainless steel blades, which not only make your grinding tasks easy, but also increases the durability of the product.

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