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KENT RapidMix

KENT RapidMix is a new age, high speed mixer cum blender for home that works like magic. KENT RapidMix isn’t just any other kitchen appliance. It comes with spill proof lids and 3 Stainless Steel Jars(SS Wet Blending Jar :1.2 L, SS Grinding Jar:1 L, and SS Chutney Jar:400ml) which ensure hygiene and ABS plastic of the main device makes it certain that it endures regular use for a longer period of time . Above all, it is a real time saver and helps you prepare your favorite food within minutes.



High Grade 3 Stainless Steel Jars

The KENT RapidMix grinder comes with high grade 3 different stainless-steel jars for blending, dry grinding and chutney. The high food grade quality stainless-steel jars increases the durability as well as maintains hygiene.

3 Speed Control with Pulse Function

The speed control plays an important role in ensuring that the food items have been blended and grinded with perfection. This is the reason why KENT RapidMix comes with 3 speed control options as well as a quick pulse function pulse function so that you can get the desired level of smoothness.

High Power Copper Motor

It is equipped with 550 W high power motor for effortless grinding and blending. Its motor is made of 100% copper which ensures longevity and increased endurance.

Auto Shut-Off

Keeping the safety of the users in mind, KENT RapidMix comes with an auto shut-off function which automatically switches off the machine if there is an electrical fault or overheating.

Make Yummy Smoothies

Making a perfectly blended smoothie is easier said than done. However, with KENT RapidMix, you can easily blend different kinds of fruits and vegetables to perfection for a tasty glass of smoothie.

Grind Spices at Home

Home-made spices add a different flavor to your food. Now, you can easily grind different types of spices with KENT RapidMix Dry Grinding Jar. The high-speed appliance ensures that you get perfectly ground spices within minutes.

Make Chutney

A spicy and tangy chutney completes any Indian snack. This is the reason why KENT RapidMix comes with a special chutney jar, which makes it easy to prepare different kinds of chutneys in minutes.


  • Product Name

    KENT RapidMix

  • SS Blending Jar

    1.2 L

  • Product Code


  • Input Power Supply

    Single Phase 230 V, AC 50 Hz. , Insulation Class F

  • Total Power Consumption

    550 W

  • Net Weight

    2.95 kg

  • SS Grinding Jar

    1 L

  • SS Chutney Jar

    0.4 L

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