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Boil Water Hygienically

Now, forget the traditional way of boiling water with the all-new KENT Elegant Electric Kettle. Made of high-quality borosilicate glass, KENT Elegant Electric Kettle boils water in a hygienic way within minutes. The bottom mounted heating plate makes it easy to use the appliance.



Stainless Steel Heating Plate

KENT Elegant Electric Glass Kettle comes with a stainless-steel heating plate that evenly and effectively distributes heat when boiling water.

Borosilicate Glass Body

Borosilicate glass resists acid and chemical degradation making it safe to use. This is the reason why KENT Elegant Electric Glass Kettle is made with borosilicate glass body so that you can boil water hygienically.

Boil Drying Protection

To avoid accidents and damage to the heating element, KENT Elegant Electric Glass Kettle comes with boil drying protection. The appliance automatically cuts-off power if there is no water in the kettle, thereby saving it from damages.

Concealed Heating Element

The heating element is the main component of an electric kettle. This is the reason why KENT Elegant Electric Glass Kettle has a concealed heating element to avoid damage.

360° Rotating Base

The electric kettle comes with a 360° rotating base, which makes it easy to serve and boil water at any convenient place.


  • Product Name

    KENT Elegant Electric Glass Kettle

  • Watt

    2000 W

  • Product Code


  • Input Power Supply

    Single Phase 220 V-240 V AC, 50 Hz

  • Capacity

    1.8 L

  • Net Weight

    0.8 kg

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