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INR 7990 - INR 25000



Room Size

  • KENT Alps

    Suitable for Installation in room size up to 43 Square-metre.

    KENT Alps Air Purifier
    Mrp : Inr 21990 /-
  • KENT Aura

    Suitable for Installation in room size up to 27 Square-metre.

    KENT Aura Air Purifier
    Mrp : Inr 15990 /-
  • KENT Eternal

    Now Make Your Room Air Bacteria Free, Pure & Healthy

    KENT Eternal Air Purifier
    Mrp : Inr 21990 /-
  • KENT Alps Plus

    High CADR Air Purifier with Real Time PM 2.5 Monitoring

    KENT Alps Plus Air Purifier
    Mrp : Inr 25000 /-
  • KENT Magic

    Suitable for Car Cabin.

    KENT Magic Car Air Purifier
    Mrp : Inr 7990 /-

Deteriorating Air Quality

Bunty - Short Story on Air Pollution


Need for KENT HEPA Air Purifiers

4 Stage Purification Process

KENT Air Purifier effectively removes 99.97% of particles which are less than 0.3 microns in diameter, by using an intense 4 stage purification process.

First Stage: Pre-filter

Acting as a first line of defence, the pre-filter traps and removes large particulate matter and dust particles from air such as cob webs, human or pet hair, debris and sand particles with efficiency.

Second Stage: Specially treated Carbon Filter

KENT HEPA air purifiers use honeycomb structure which is filled with specially treated activated carbon. The carbon filter effectively traps pollutants such as VOC, odour/ foul smell, gases such as Hydrogen sulphide, H2S, Hydrocarbons and Formaldehyde. The activated carbon also increases the life of the filter.

Third Stage: Antibacterial Coated HEPA Filter

The anti-bacterial coated HEPA filter with advanced Japanese technology traps 99% SPM, which are as small as 0.3 microns. The HEPA filter also traps indoor carcinogen particles such as PM 2.5, pollen, allergens, mold, and cigarette smoke particles.

Fourth Stage: Ionizer

The ionizers disperse electrically charged ions attached to particles present in the air to improve the air quality. The ions force the pollutants to stick to the walls or other surfaces within the room or traps them on an electrically charged collection plate present in the ionizing unit.

4 Stage Purification Process

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Silent Operation

To ensure that you and your loved ones breathe fresh air and sleep peacefully, the Kent HEPA air purifiers have an extremely silent operation. Keeping your convenience in mind, KENT HEPA air purifiers have been installed with brushless DC motors for silent operation. As the internal parts of the brushless DC motor are completely enclosed, there is no frictional or electronic noise during operation making it convenient to use the air purifiers.

Silent Operation
Filter Change Indicator

KENT air purifiers are added with filter replacement indicator, which automatically indicates when the filter need to be replaced. The filter attached in the air purifier lasts for 2000 hours or it totally depends on the quality of the air being filtered. The moment the air filter becomes inefficient, Filter Replacement LED starts flashing and this is an indication that you need to replace the filter and reset it.

Filter Change Indicator

KENT Advantages

Pollution Monitor

With KENT's unique Pollution Monitor, you can measure the pollution levels in a room. The Pollution Monitor checks the surrounding air quality and displays the PM 2.5 count on a real-time basis. The device also indicates the extent of pollution by colour coding the displayed count. To check pollution levels in your home, give us call on +91-9582123456

Air Pollution Monitor
Made in India

KENT is the only brand of HEPA Air Purifiers that has been designed and manufactured in India. This ensures optimum design catering to Indian conditions and ready availability of spares

Nationwide Service Network

Widest service network across the nation with over 1500+ service partners, to make sure that customers experience continued and trouble-free after sales support..

KENT Service Network

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