Kent KENT Autosoft 255

KENT Autosoft 255

Makes Hard Water Soft for your whole House

India's first Fully Automatic Regeneration Based Domestic Water Softener
MRP: ₹ 49,950/- | Best Price: ₹ 46000/-


Point-of-entry water softener in a space-saving compact design

Kent Autosoft 255 Water Softener is a point-of-entry water softener for the whole house that can be installed before/ after the overhead storage tank so that soft water is available in the whole house. It has a space-saving compact design wherein the brine tank and resin tank are housed in one single cabinet.

Automatic regeneration technology

Kent Autosoft 255 Water Softener is based on a patented technology which allows fully automatic regeneration. The microprocessor-controlled softener automatically goes through 5 stages of regeneration – normal, backwash, recharging, flushing and brine refill. It does not require any manual intervention or help of an operator for regeneration.

Time based regeneration

Kent Autosoft 255 Water Softener features an inbuilt micro-controller that allows the user to preset a specific time for the softener to start the regeneration process. The time and day of regeneration can be easily set by the user so that it does not effect the supply of soft water.

LCD panel for user feedback and control

Kent Autosoft 255 Water Softener has an intuitive LCD panel which provides useful information about the status of the softener. It also allows the user to programme the softener to suit an individual’s need.

High capacity output to meet the needs of whole house

Kent Autosoft 255 Water Softener has a resin volume of 28 litres. This high volume of resin allows the softener to supply high quantity of soft water between two regeneration cycles, i.e. output between regeneration (OBR). For example, for a hardness value of 500 PPM, Kent Autosoft 255 Water Softener can provide upto 3000 litres of soft water between two regeneration cycles. That means one regeneration cycle in two days for a family of 5-6 people.

Maintenance free and long life automatic valve

Kent Autosoft 255 Water Softener features an automatic valve based on a patented technology. The valve body is made of engineering plastic and it uses rubber flaps to control the flow of water in its internal chambers. It does not use any solenoid valve or metal pistons and hence is corrosion free. This makes it more durable, requires less maintenance and gives a longer life.


Product Kent Autosoft 255 Water Softener
Resin Volume 28 litres
Max. Flow Rate 2500 litres/hour
Output Between Regeneration (OBR)** 3000 litres
Regeneration Method Automatic
Dimensions L330 W570 H1120 (mm)
Net Weight 40 kgs
**Measured in laboratory using test water having hardness of 400 ppm

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