Our Range of Water Purifiers

Wall Mounted

Kent Superb
Appropriate for mounting on kitchen wall at homes and offices, making it the best RO water purifier.Visit Our Range

Under The Counter

Kent Excel
Distinctive space saving design, appropriate for installation under counters at homes and offices etc.   Visit Our Range

UV Purifiers

Kent Maxx
Appropriate for purification of tap and municipal corporation water, Safe and healthy for consumption.Visit Our Range

Gravity Based

Kent Gold
Making it better than boiled water and safe and healthy for consumption.     Visit Our Range

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KENT's Innovative KENT's Mineral ROTM Technology


Maintains essential minerals while reducing dissolved impurities with double purification making KENT the best RO water purifier

RO + UF + UV + TDS Control

The water coming out of the tap can contain rust, bacteria, cysts, sand and many a times even chemicals and dissolved salts that can only be eliminated by the best water purifier in India.
Besides bacteria & virus, water from bore-well can harbor some of the deadliest known chemicals & metals like Fluoride, Arsenic, lead & many dissolved salts. With a water filter that is powered with Kent's RO technology, you can turn bore-well water into pure drinking water.
Overhead Tank
Depending upon the source, the water from over-head tank can be highly contaminated with heavy metals, chemicals and biological impurities. Thus, it is essential to use water purifiers at home.
100% Safe Water - Kent RO Technology
Use Kent RO purifiers for 100% Safe, Healthy, Tasty and Pure Drinking Water at your home.
Features of KENT RO Purifiers
Advantages of KENT RO Purifiers

Did you Know

  • With deteriorating quality of water, an RO UV purifier has become must for every household
  • Quality of drinking water is deteriorating which is a major health hazard
  • Apart from bacteria and Virus, it is also essential to remove dissolved impurities from drinking water
  • Boiling alone is not good for purifying water
  • RO UV Water purifiers effectively kills Bacteria and viruses from water.
  • Conventional UV RO purifiers fall short of making drinking water totally pure
  • KENT’s Mineral RO Technology is the most awarded & certified technology to make 100% safe water
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Product Demo

Demo Video For RO Water Purifiers
Demo Video For RO Water Purifiers

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5 reasons to choose kent

5 Reasons to choose Kent
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Message from our Chairman

Message from our Chairman
Video - Message from our Chairman

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