Need for Vegetable Cleaner

Pesticide-Contamination in Fruits and Vegetables
  • In a recent study conducted to understand levels of contamination in fruits & vegetables, 99 percent of samples tested positive for at least one pesticide residue.
  • Pesticide residues, crop contaminants (aflatoxins, patulin, ochratoxin, etc.), naturally occurring toxic substances and heavy metals are the major contaminants found on fruit and vegetables.
  • Several of these pesticides -famoxadone, dieldrin, oxydemeton, chlorpyrifos, DDE and esfenvalerate are extremely toxic.
  • The pesticide residue found in fruit and vegetables include residues of both banned (Aldrin, Chlordane, Endrin, Heptachlor, Ethyl Paration, etc.) and restricted pesticides for use in India (DDT, Endosulfan, etc.).
  • Heavy metals are present in the irrigation water and other manures. Infested seeds, irrigation water and soil act as the source of the fungal toxins.
  • Research has found higher levels of lead and other metals in mangoes and other fruits.
Health issues associated with eating vegetables and fruits with pesticides residue.
  • Pesticides can leave adverse effects on the nervous system.
  • Pesticides can cause several hazardous diseases like cancer, liver, kidney, and lung damage.
  • Certain pesticides can also cause loss of weight and appetite, irritability, insomnia, behavioral disorder and dermatological problems.
  • Organophosphates pesticides - which are potent neurotoxins - can damage children's intelligence, brain development and nervous systems even in low doses.
  • Lead exposure is estimated to account for 143 000 deaths per year with the highest burden in developing regions.
Contamination Type Diseases Caused
Pathogen Bacteria Cholera
Typhoid Fever
E.Coli Infection
Virus Hepatitis A
Heavy metals & Chemicals   Lead Poisoning
  insomnia, behavioral disorder
KENT Ozone TECHNOLOGY to clean fruits & vegetables
  • Using powerful ozone technology, KENT vegetables purifiers removes chemicals, pathogens and other impurities from the surface of fruits & vegetables.
  • It kills bacteria, viruses and other pathogens.
  • It sterilizes the surface of vegetables and fruits, cleaning them giving you a taste of purity and health.
Advantages of Ozone Technology.
  • Based on Ozone disinfection technology that kills bacteria, viruses, fungus and other pathogens.
  • Effectively oxidizes residual chemicals from the surface of meat, vegetables and fruits.
  • Cleans antibiotics and hormones that invariably exist in meat, fish and other types of meats.
  • Ozonized fruits and vegetables have longer shelf life when compared to not ozonized fruits and vegetables.
  • Ozonation of fruits and vegetables results in removal of harmful chemicals and retention of nutrients.
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