Yes, In these times when the vegetables and fruits that you buy from market are actually coming preloaded with harmful toxins like pesticides and insecticides which can cause serious life threatening diseases like cancer etc, so it’s high time that we become conscious and take a serious note of it to follow the healthy path and make sure that we get rid of these harmful chemicals using a safe method like Kent Ozone Vegetable & Fruit purifier, which not only removes these harmful chemicals but also helps retain the essential nutrients in vegetables and fruits to provide necessary nourishment to our body in the most hygienic manner.

Well, only partially. Not everything can be boiled. For example salads, fruits, onion, brinjal, etc. Moreover, the boiling process removes most of the vitamins, minerals and other nutritional content out of them, while the same goes with peeling also. Beans, leafy vegetables, non-veg, sea food can’t be peeled. Also, quite a significant amount of food nutritional value goes away after peeling. For example Tomatoes and Apples have a powerful antioxidant called Licopene in its peel which is lost due to peeling. The purity as a factor is never to be sacrificed, hence it’s not recommended.

No. You need to put the vegetables in the bowl full of water for Ozonization in the same condition in which they were bought from the market - that is Raw. There is no need to cut or chop the vegetables and then Ozonize it. Just put the vegetables in the bowl as it is and Ozonize them for 15 - 30 minutes to ensure safe eating.

No. Rice and Pulses are less likely to have as much harmful chemicals on them as compared to farm vegetables etc. Hence Ozonizing them for just 15 min will be sufficient enough. But you have to do this before cooking and not after cooking them. Please remember, the process of Ozonization is to be used ONLY on uncooked or raw food and not on processed or cooked food.

Yes, very much so. Actually there is yet a lot that you can do with your Kent Vegetable and Fruit purifier. You can use it for Bathing, skin cleansing, gargling, washing clothes, cleaning utensils and drinking etc and the detailed procedure to do the same is mentioned in the handbook which can be found in the product box.

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