• Kent Aura Air Purifier

    KENT Aura

    Suitable for Installation in room size up to 27 Square-metre.

    MRP : INR 15,990/-
  • Kent Eternal

    KENT Eternal

    Suitable for Installation in room size up to 37 Square-metre.

    MRP : INR 21,990/-
  • Kent Alps Air Purifier

    KENT Alps

    Suitable for Installation in room size up to 43 Square-metre.

    MRP : INR 21,990/-
  • Kent Car Air Purifier

    KENT Car Air Purifier

    Suitable for Car Cabin.

    MRP : INR 7,990/-


Why do you need a HEPA Room Air Purifiers?


With the condition of air getting worse day by day, air purifiers are becoming an essential home appliance all over the world. Taking the same into consideration, Kent introduced its Hepa Air Purifier to the market with number of benefits which makes it class apart.

To purify the air, Kent uses Hepa air filters to clean up the air in your home and office. Kent assures that their filters can get rid of particulate matter 2.5. It eradicates bacteria and harmful germs without any remnants and neutralizes foul odour with fresh air supplies. Kent Hepa Air Cleaner comes with an inbuilt intelligent sensors which continuously monitor the air quality in the room to adjust the clean air flow. The air quality indoor is indicated with a glowing LED.

The HEPA air purifier comes with an ionizer which helps in making the air fresher and healthier. With a CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) of 180m3/ hour, and features like child lock, silent operation, filter change indicator, it can instantly purify the air inside the room.


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