KENT's Innovative KENT's Mineral ROTM Technology


Maintains minerals while reducing dissolved impurities with double purification

RO + UF + UV + TDS Control

Natural Minerals - Kent RO
Retains essential natural minerals in the purified water with the help of TDS Controller
Double Purification by RO & UV - Kent RO
Double purification by RO & UV totally kills remaining bacteria and viruses and also removes cyst.
Arsenic, Rust Pesticides, Fluorides
Removes even Dissolved Impurities like Arsenic, Rust Pesticides, Fluorides etc.
100% Safe Water - Kent RO Technology
Drink: 100% Safe, Healthy and Tasty Purified Water
Features of KENT RO Purifiers
Advantages of KENT RO Purifiers

Did you Know

  • Quality of drinking water is deteriorating which is a major health hazard
  • Apart from bacteria and Virus, it is also essential to remove dissolved impurities from drinking water
  • Boiling alone is not good for purifying water
  • Conventional RO purifiers fall short of making drinking water totally pure
  • KENT’s Mineral RO Technology is the most awarded & certified technology to make 100% safe water
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Product Demo

Kent RO Water Purifiers Demo Video
Demo Video For RO Water Purifiers

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Awards & Certificates

Awards & Certificates - Kent RO

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