KENT Sand Filter

Are you still using the traditional methods to remove turbidity from water? It’s time to switch to KENT Sand Filter, a whole house sand filter that removes physical impurities, turbidity, and sand particles from water. It doesn’t require any electricity for filtration and is ideal for installing before whole house softener. It comes with low maintenance cost and is suitable for the purification of tap water/municipal corporation water supply.

Best Price : ₹ 19,000.00

MRP: ₹ 20,000.00



Makes Water Clean and Sand-free

This filter removes sand particles, turbidity, and dirt from water, thereby providing you completely clean water for household chores.

Non-Electric Process

It doesn’t require electricity to filter out dirt and sand particles from water to make it clean.

3-Stage Filtration

It uses 3 stage filtration process -Fine sand media, Silex sand media, and Gravel sand media. The three stages remove physical impurities and suspended matter to make water suitable for use.

Maximum Flow Rate

It has a maximum flow rate of 3000 L/hr. This helps in providing purified water at a faster rate, making it easily available for you and your family.

Easy to Install and Use

It has a floor standing design that requires very little space for installation and can be placed anywhere. It is recommended to be installed close to the main water supply outlet so that it can filter out the physical impurities from supplied water.


Product Name

KENT Sand Filter


Suitable for Purification of Tap water/Municipal Corporation water

Maximum Flow Rate

3000 L/hr


232 (L) x 232 (W) x 1005 (H)

Product Code



Floor Standing

Net Weight

35.5 kg

Filter Media weight

30 kg

Inlet water Pressure/Temp. (Min.)

1.0 kg/cm²/1°C

Inlet water Pressure/Temp. (Max.)

10.7 kg/cm²/50°C

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