KENT Auto Sanitizer 6L

KENT Auto Sanitizer 6L, ideal for factories, offices, hospitals, home, and shops takes care of your hand hygiene during these difficult times without any hassle. This fully automatic involves touchless operation, where you just need to do is take your hands under the sensor area. It not only sprays the correct amount of sanitizer but also make it ready for the next user in 3 seconds. It is wall-mountable and can work both indoor and outdoor, even in direct sunlight. The removable and transparent sanitizer tank means easy cleaning and refilling.

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MRP: ₹ 10,950.00



Frequent sanitization of hand has become critical to be safe and healthy. As a preventive measure to tackle this situation, KENT has come up with its Auto Sanitizer range of products.
KENT Auto Sanitiser, comes with a sensor-based technology which makes it operationally fully automatic and touch-less. It is particularly useful for the areas where there is a gathering of visitors/employees.

Touchless Automatic Operation

Not touching germy pumps of hand sanitizer bottle while sanitizing means safer and more hygienic disinfection of hands. You simply need to take your hands below the sensor area at the middle. It sprays the correct amount of sanitizer every time and becomes ready for the next person in 3 seconds.

Spray Mist Volume is Adjustable

While installing the appliance, you can adjust the volume of spray according to your usage. Adjusting the sanitizer to low or high output is in your hands now.

Transparent, Detachable, and Lockable Tank

It has a transparent tank, so you can keep a check on the sanitizer level without opening it frequently. The tank is detachable, which ensures easy cleaning and refilling, while its lockable feature prevents any theft or pilferage.

Wall Mountable

This fully automatic sanitizer is wall mountable that can work both inside and outside. Even direct sunlight cannot harm your product in any way.

LED Light for Displaying Dispensing

Once this appliance detects hands, it will spray the required amount of sanitizer and throws light for illuminating hands to display dispensing.


Product Name

KENT Auto Sanitiser-6

Capacity of Sanitiser

6 L

Product Generic Name

Hand Sanitiser




390 (L) X 285 (W) X 440 (H)

Electrical Input

230 V AC

Dispensing Qty.

Adjustable amount(1-1.5 ml)

Total Power Consumption

40 W

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