KENT Smart Slow Juicer

Presenting KENT Smart Slow Juicer for the Wellness-minded or health-conscious soul in you. A perfect pick for your daily nutrition of fruits and vegetables, the appliance uses a really simple process of juice extraction. The low-speed squeezing retains maximum fibre, minerals, & vitamins of fruits and prevents oxidation to give you a glass full of real-tasting and natural juice. This appliance is made of quality food grade plastic for safer and convenient use. Its reverse motor action clears pulp blockages for smooth extraction. 80W motor allows the nutrients from fruits/ vegetables to be retained fully for a better tasting and longer lasting juice. All in all, the Smart Slow Juicer is easy to use, clean, and store.

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Low-Speed Squeezing

KENT Smart Slow Juicer uses low-speed squeezing that ensures no important fibre, vitamins and minerals of fruits are damaged from heat and processing. The low speed of the juicer prevents oxidation, so you always get real taste and longer lasting juice. With the help of this technique when combines with its motor, the juicer eliminates the need to push the ingredients.

Reverse Motor Action

KENT Smart Slow Juicer is designed with a reverse motor action, a feature that is not available in the conventional juicers. So, the reverse motor cleans any pulp blockages and makes the extraction process better.

80W Motor

KENT Smart Slow Juicer comes equipped with 80W motor so that any ingredient you put in the machine is given proper time for extracting juice fully. Only dry pulp is left behind and you’re ready with nutrition-full delicious juice.

Food Grade Plastic Body

The juicer’s body material is quality food grade plastic, which makes it safe and convenient for daily use. Also, the material is known to not produce much heat, thus, retains essential natural nutrients of each fruit or vegetable.

Easy to Use & Cleans

The Smart Slow Juicer comes with features that makes juicing easier. It has a juice outflow passage through which juice flows quickly and effortlessly. The machine is easy to assemble and disassemble, so you can clean it easily. The separate pulp outlet cup adds convenience in cleaning. Also, the machine is compact enough to store in a kitchen shelf.


Product Name

KENT SMART Slow Juicer

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Input Power Supply


Maximum Power

80 W

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