KENT Automatic Water Softener 8L

KENT Automatic Water Softener 8L is a water softener that converts hard water into soft in your bathrooms. Comes with 8L resin volume, this fully automatic water softener doesn’t use any chemicals during the softening process, thus, making the softened water completely safe for use. It can be used as a whole house water softener for smaller families.

Best Price : ₹ 30,500.00

MRP: ₹ 31,500.00



Makes water pure & keeps your family healthy

Problems with Hard Water

Hard water has a very high degree of magnesium and calcium which creates a host of problems for us like less lather formation, hair fall & skin problems, extra consumption of soaps & shampoos, salts deposits on bathroom appliances & marble floors, and scaling in shower.

Keeps Your Skin and Hair Healthy

Magnesium and calcium ions in the water create a host of problems like brittle hair and scaling on the skin which eventually leads to hair fall and skin problems. Soft water helps you to glow with healthy skin and gorgeous hair that shines.

Reduces the Consumption of Soap and Shampoo

Softened water produces more lather. This way, it efficiently helps in reducing the consumption of soap and shampoo to be used.

Reduces Scaling & Corrosion in Appliances

The softened water reduces corrosion on appliances like geyser and increases the life of its internal parts. Also, it prevents scaling and corrosion on bathroom fittings and marble floors.

A Whole House Water Softener for Smaller Families

This softener can also be used as a whole house water softener for smaller families. With this softener, you can embrace the benefits of soft water. Apart from good skin and lustrous hair, it helps you enhancing the whiteness and lustre of your clothes. Also, this softener reduces the consumption of detergent and water for washing your clothes.

Efficient Ion-Exchange Process

This water softener comes with an efficient ion exchange process. The process reduces hardness in water by exchanging magnesium and calcium in water with sodium and potassium.

Installation & Regeneration

To reduce hardness of water, all you will have to do is install it and execute the process by adding 1.28 Kg of table salt in brine chamber and filling it with water. With a high 8 litres resin volume, it requires regeneration after 2200 litres of water usage (if the TDS level is 500 ppm and Water Hardness is 200 ppm) and can be done by any individual at home.

Automatic Regeneration Technology

This softener uses a fully automatic regeneration process method to convert hard water into soft water. In this method, the hard water goes through 4 stages of regeneration which does not require any manual intervention or technical help.

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