KENT Auto Sanitiser 12L

Wall Mountable
Touchless Fully Automatic
Detachable Tank 12L

Best Price : ₹ 5,499.00

MRP: ₹ 12,000.00


KENT Auto Sanitiser 6L

Wall Mountable
Touchless Fully Automatic
Detachable Tank 6L

Best Price : ₹ 4,949.00

MRP: ₹ 10,950.00


Our Technology

Fully Automatic Operation

The unique touchless KENT Auto Sanitiser comes with an in-built infrared smart sensor that dispenses sanitizer automatically by sensing your hands as you put below the spout to ensure optimal hygiene.

Compact Design

The stylish KENT Auto Sanitiser comes in wall-mounted design, making it ideal for Factories, Offices, Hospitals, Malls, Railways, Shops, and Homes.

Awards & Recognitions

The Most Trusted and Preferred Brand

As per the Brand Trust Reports of 2015 & 2016, KENT is the most trusted water purifier brand in India. The achievements are proof that KENT gives the most purified water across the nation. KENT is trusted by millions, making it the World's Best Water Purifier.

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