KENT Washing Machine Water Softener

Presenting KENT Washing Machine Water Softener that converts hard water into soft to generate extra lather while consuming less detergent and water while washing. It also enhances whiteness and lustre of clothes. It utilises a non-electric process with a unique 4 step regeneration process and comes with a standby mode for longer life. Compatible with all washing machines.

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Reduces Water and detergent Consumption

Magnesium and calcium ions in the water create a host of problems like fading of clothes, less lather formation and reduce the life of washing machine. With KENT Washing Machine Water Softener, you get soft water that enhances the whiteness and lustre of your clothes. Further, it also reduces the consumption of detergent and water for washing your clothes.

Increases Washing Efficiency

It is ideally the best water softener for washing machines as it converts hard water into soft and this prevents the scaling along the walls of the machine, thereby increasing the life and output of the washing machine.

Efficient Ion-Exchange Process

It uses an efficient ion-exchange process. This process converts hard water into soft water by replacing hard salts of magnesium and calcium with sodium through high quality resin beads.

Installation & Regeneration

To reduce hardness of water, this water softener uses a non-electric process with simple 4-step regeneration along with separate salt chamber. The users themselves can easily execute the process just by adding 288 grams of table salt in brine chamber and filling it with water. With a high 1.80 litres resin volume, it provides 495 litres of soft water (if TDS level is 500 ppm and Water Hardness is 200 ppm) before regeneration.


Product Name

KENT Washing Machine Water Softener

Resin Volume

1.8 L

Water Softened Before Regeneration

600 L (Water TDS 500 ppm)


215 (L) x 140 (W) x 820 (H)

Product Code


Ideal place for installation

With washing machines

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