KENT Wet Grinder

KENT Wet Grinder is a new age , high-speed grinder that works like magic. It is not your ordinary kitchen appliance as it is designed to save time and helps you to finish your kitchen chores in a matter of minutes. Unlike bulky grinders and unwieldy food processors which are rarely used, KENT Wet Grinder is so handy , versatile and easy to use that you’ll put it to work every single day

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Encased Rotating Drum for Safe Operation

Kent Wet Grinder is first-of-its-kind appliance in the market with an encased rotating drum. The encasing prevents spillage of food particles and makes it so safe that even a child can operate it easily. Apart from adding to safety, the encasing is very easy to clean and your grinder requires minimal maintenance.

Low Noise Due to Encasing

The outer encasing absorbs the noise created by motor and thus the grinder makes very minimal noise. Unlike other noisy grinders, now you can effortlessly grind batter, scrap coconuts and knead atta without disturbing the peace and tranquillity of your home.

Wet Grinding of all Kinds of Batter- Dosa, Idli, Vada, Scrapping Coconut & Kneading Atta

The KENT Wet Grinder is your single appliance to grind batter for your dosa, idli , vada as well as scrapping coconuts and kneading atta for you chapatis. It is a multipurpose device and with so many applications it can easily replace your numerous kitchen appliances, thus saving money and space.

Variable Time Settings

For the convenience of the users, KENT Wet Grinder comes with variable time settings. You can easily switch and adjust the time of the grinder for different food items.

High Power Motor

It is equipped with 150 W high-power motor for effortless grinding, kneading & scrapping. Its high motor provides up to 960 RPM for high-speed operations which is more than sufficient to grind and knead your favorite food items.


Product Name

KENT Wet Grinder

Product Code


Input Power Supply

Single Phase 220-240 V, AC 50 Hz

Net Weight

11.90 kg

Grinder Jar Dimension(mm)

440 (L) X 265 (W) X 295 (H)

Total Power Consumption

150 W

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