What is OTG Oven?

KENT OTG ovens are one of the best OTG ovens in India that have made our lives much easier and more convenient. Using this appliance, you can prepare a variety of baked and grilled dishes within no time. You can satiate your favourite food cravings with our excellent range of best OTG ovens in India. Additionally, you can even explore more than just your regular recipes.


Why do we Need OTG Oven?

OTG Ovens are a must-have appliance for every home because they can be used to toast, grill, and rewarm food besides baking. You can make delicious dishes with less oil using this smart appliance. The most advanced electric OTG Oven comes with both rotisserie and convection, which helps you explore a variety of new dishes every day. Additionally, with its amazing features, you can bake your Cake, Grill Chicken, or Toast Garlic Bread. You can purchase our range of KENT OTG ovens at best price in India.


Uses of Oven Toaster Griller?

OTG is a smart
  • cooking appliance which can be used to make several dishes like grilled spicy chicken, bake fresh chocolate fudge cake, grilled spicy fish, toast chilli cheese sandwiches Dates Walnut Cake, Grilled Tikkas and many more. In addition to this, you can use this smart appliance to make a variety of delicious dishes like pizzas, cakes, muffins, bread, and much more.
  • KENT OTG-21L

    High Capacity 21L
    Rotisserie & Convection
    1300W Power

    Best Price : ₹ 5,499.00

    MRP: ₹ 8,000.00


    KENT OTG-30L

    High Capacity 30L
    Rotisserie & Convection
    1500W Power

    Best Price : ₹ 6,800.00

    MRP: ₹ 8,500.00


    KENT OTG – 42L

    High Capacity 42L
    Rotisserie & Convection
    2000W Power

    Best Price : ₹ 9,600.00

    MRP: ₹ 12,000.00



    Easy to Bake, Grill and Toast

    KENT Oven Toaster Griller (OTG) is a smart kitchen appliance that can bake Cake, Grill Chicken, and even Toast Garlic Bread. With this appliance, you can easily prepare quick snacks and tempting dishes at home.

    Rotisserie & Convection

    KENT’s range of Oven Toaster Griller (OTG) is available with both rotisserie and convection functions. The rotisserie feature uses spit roasting technique for cooking whole meat for perfect taste. The convection function uses the oven to cook the dish and gives it the right texture by evenly circulating hot air inside.

    High Power and High Capacity

    This smart kitchen appliance comes in various models with high power of 1300W, 1500W and 2000W for heavy-duty operation. KENT Oven Toaster Griller models are also available in different capacities including 21L, 30L and 42L.

    Auto Shut-Off Function

    You will have peace of mind when cooking with KENT OTG Oven since their timer has an automatic shut-off feature. You don’t need to stand near the stove until the dish is cooked, instead, once the dish is cooked, the KENT OTG Oven will automatically shut-off the machine.

    Stay On Function

    With KENT's range of OTG Ovens, you can keep your food warm for longer periods by using the Stay On Function/ Keep Warm Function.

    Awards & Recognitions

    The Most Trusted and Preferred Brand

    As per the Brand Trust Reports of 2015 & 2016, KENT is the most trusted water purifier brand in India. The achievements are proof that KENT gives the most purified water across the nation. KENT is trusted by millions, making it the World's Best Water Purifier.

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