KENT Tri-Ply Sauce Pan with SS Lid

Indian homes need Sauce Pan for a variety of needs, ranging from boiling milk, water, making tea, coffee, or soup to boiling eggs and making delicious soups, etc. Using an aluminium cookware for these purposes may affect your health as it leaches into it and SS cookware can make the food burn and add foul smell to it. So, we give you the best of both worlds with the KENT Tri-Ply Sauce Pan that has 0.5mm thick innermost layer that’s made of 18/10 stainless steel which does not react with food and helps retaining nutrition & flavour. The 2.0 mm thick middle layer being made of heavy-duty aluminium ensures even heat distribution from base till the rim. Its 0.5 mm thick outermost layer is made of stainless steel that allows the pan to be used on all cooktops such as induction, ceramic, gas, halogen, etc. KENT Sauce Pan has a cool-touch diecast handle which is convenient and friendly to use.

Best Price : ₹ 1,226-1,548.00

MRP: ₹ 2,000-2,800.00



SS & Aluminium in Single Cookware for Healthy Cooking & Hygienic Eating

Get the best of worlds with the KENT Tri-Ply Sauce Pan! It has a three-layer construction featuring 0.5 mm thick induction friendly SS outermost layer to use on all cooktops, sandwiched 2.0 mm thick aluminium layer for even heat distribution, and 18/10 SS 0.5 mm thick inner layer to retain the flavour & nutrients while cooking.

Tasty Meals with Health and Hygienic Intact

KENT Sauce Pan helps you cook delicious meals with health and hygiene, hence keeping your taste buds satisfied and health in check. Mainly used to boil milk, water, make tea, coffee or soup, KENT Sauce Pan can also be used to make instant noodles, boil eggs, and many more things.

Spreads Heat Evenly & Prevents Sticking & Burning of Food

KENT Healthy Cookware Sauce Pan is sure to become your go-to for everyday cooking owing to its even distribution of heat and faster cooking. Enjoy scrumptious meals without worrying about sticking and burning of food.

Cool-Touch Diecast Handle & SS Lid

KENT Tri-Ply Sauce Pan has a diecast handle that’s hollow from inside that does not get very hot and enables ease and convenience while cooking and carrying the cookware. The handle is permanently riveted which ensures that it does not become loose over a period. You will also get a sturdy SS lid for added safety, comfort, and easy handling.

Works on All Cooktops

The biggest benefit of KENT Healthy cookware is that you can use it on any heat source, be it induction cooktop, electric cooking system, gas stove, halogen, or ceramic.

Available in Multiple Sizes

KENT Tri-Ply Sauce Pan is available in various sizes, such as 14 cm (1.1 litres), 16 cm (1.5 litres), and 18 cm (2.2 litres), so you can choose as per your need.


KKENT Healthy Cookware offers 5-years warranty on Tri-Ply Sauce Pan for your peace of mind.

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