KENT Glaze Electric Kettle

Why wait near the gas till the water boils when KENT Glaze Stainless Steel Kettle can make your mornings blissful with faster water boiling? A perfect combination of style and functions, this 1500W kettle boils water for your favorite hot beverage instantly. Its 1.5L capacity makes it an ideal choice for serving 3-4 people at a time. KENT Glaze has a plastic insulated cool-touch handle that allows you to pick it up without having concerns about safety. 360° cordless rotation for easy pouring, auto switch-off function to protect against overheating and dry-boiling are other amazing features that makes the kettle a must-have in the kitchen.

Best Price : ₹ 999.00

MRP: ₹ 1,800.00



Ideal Combination of Power & Capacity

KENT Glaze Stainless Steel Kettle with 1500W power and 1.5L capacity, when works together, boils water faster for an instant cup of your favorite hot beverage or even soup in a matter of minutes.

Stainless Steel Body with Insulated Handle

KENT Glaze Electric Kettle has a stainless steel outer body, so you can count on the product for its durability, rust-resistance, and the ability to keep water at the right temperature for longer. The plastic insulated cool-touch handle ensures easy pick-up of the kettle without having concerns about safety.

360° Rotation Base

For easy pouring and serving, the kettle has a 360° cordless rotation that makes handling the kettle easy. Once the boiling is done, you can simply detach the kettle from the heating plate and pour with great ease.

Easy Pouring

Designed for your ultimate convenience, the kettle has a wide mouth design that not only makes pouring easier but also ensures hassle-free cleaning.

Auto Switch-Off Function

Kent Glaze Stainless Steel Kettle make sure you get boiling water faster and safer. Its auto switch-off function shuts down the kettle for protection against overheating and dry boiling.


Product Name

KENT Glaze Electric Kettle

Max Power

1500 W

Product Code


Input Power Supply

Single Phase 220 V-240 V AC, 50 Hz


1.5 L

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