KENT TrueMix-B

Presenting KENT’s TrueMix – B for your smart kitchen that is going to make your daily chores a breeze. The machine comes with a 750W motor, while its 3 SS jars with stainless steel blades and spill-proof lids offer the power and performance you were looking for. Its pulse function runs the appliance at maximum speed and short bursts. If your machine runs for a long time, its auto-off feature will cut off the power supply and protect it from overheating.

Best Price : ₹ 3,620.00

MRP: ₹ 5,500.00



Powerful Motor and Stainless-Steel Blades

For optimum durability and an outstanding blending and grinding experience, its SS jars come with stainless steel blades. While its 750-watts motor, ensures quick and great results.

Pulse Function

The pulse function of TrueMix- B calls for quick mixing. It will run your machine at maximum speed and short burst for faster and great results.

For Preparing Tasty Shakes & Smoothies

Not only cold beverages such as shakes and smoothies but also crushed ice for them, its 1.5L SS Blending Jar lets you do anything in no time.

Freshly Grounded Spices

Add a nice and fresh aroma to your dishes with the TrueMix’s 1L SS Dry Grinding Jar that helps you easily grind spices and coffee beans into a fine powder with great ease.

For Instant Chutneys

The mixer-cum-blender has 400ml SS Chutney Jar, so you can make delicious chutneys for your evening snacks in just a few swirls. Also, its spill-proof lid will keep any mess or spills away.

Auto Shut-Off

It promises optimum safety, thus comes with an auto shut-off feature that will cut the power supply of the appliance if there’s a case of overheating.


Product Name

KENT TrueMix-B

SS Blending Jar

1.5 L

Product Code


Input Power Supply

Single Phase 230 V, AC 50 Hz., Protection Class I, Insulation Class F

Total Power Consumption

750 W

Net Weight

3.90 kg

SS Grinding Jar

1 L

SS Chutney Jar

0.4 L

Product Generic Name

Mixer Grinder & Blender

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