Unique Rakhi Gift Ideas for Your Sister to Make this Raksha Bandhan Special

The auspicious occasion of Raksha Bandhan is around the corner. Celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm and zeal, Raksha Bandhan is the right opportunity to surprise your, at times annoying, but precious sister with some unique gift items. Selecting the right rakhi gift for your sister, howevercan be a tough task. Gone are the days when accessories or clothes were the only gift options available for every special occasion. Instead of gifting something boring and usually that will not be of much use to your sister, you can gift something to help them stay healthy. Whether your sister is a fitness freak, fussy eater or a junk food lover, there is an ideal gift option for everyone. To make things easy for you, we list some useful and attractive rakhi gift ideas for sisters. Read on.

Rakhi Gift ideas for sister

For the Always Busy Home Maker

Atta Maker – For the Lazy Cook

Atta Maker and Bread Maker

Rotis and pooris are stapled food, without which our meals are incomplete. However, making fresh dough every day is a tiring and cumbersome, especially for people who don’t like cooking. A useful and best gift for sister on Raksha Bandhan is KENT atta and bread maker. The smart kitchen appliance helps in preparing fresh and hygienic dough within minutes. The automatic appliance eliminates the hassles of kneading atta manually. In addition to kneading the dough,  atta maker also comes with 19 program menus that help you knead the dough for a variety of bread by selecting the desired menu.

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Induction Cooktop – For the Clumsy Cook

KENT Induction Cooktop

Does the gas stove turn into a complete mess after your sister cooks your favourite dish? If the answer is yes, an induction cooktop is a right gift for your sister. The range of Induction Cooktop from KENT comes with a stylish glass top that is not only easy to clean but also doesn’t heat up when cooking. The appliances also come with touch-sensitive pre-set menu functions for the ease of cooking.

Handy Vacuum Cleaner – For the Cleanliness Obsessed

Handy Vacuum cleaner - rakhi return gift for sister

Keeping the home sparklingly clean needs a lot of time and hard work. So, if your sister spends a lot of time in keeping the home clean and dust-free, a Handy Vacuum Cleaner is the right rakhi return gift for your sister. The appliance has a combination of a blower and vacuum function, which efficiently cleans and picks up dust from hard to reach surfaces.

Alps Plus Air Purifier – For the Overprotective Mother

Alps plus

Mothers are always protective of their children. However, if your sister is over-concerned about the kids, KENT Alps Plus Air Purifier is an ideal Raksha Bandhan gift. The HEPA air purifier catches and traps 99.9% pollutants from the indoor air so that you breathe safe.

For College Going Sister

Dosa and Chilla Maker- For the Fussy Eater

Chilla and Dosa Maker - best rakhi gift for younger sister

If your sister is a fussy eater, the chilla and dosa maker is the right gift. Preparing a healthy and tasty breakfast during weekdays is a tough task. This Raksha Bandhan, gift your sister a dosa and chilla maker from KENT. Lightweight and portable, the chilla and dosa maker from KENT comes handy in preparing different types of delicious breakfast within minutes. The non-stick appliance helps in making perfectly shaped dosas, crepes or omelets with ease. The best part is, the appliance helps you to make oil-free breakfast.

Noodle and Pasta Maker – For Junk Food Lover

Rakhi Gift items - Noodle and pasta Maker

Eating healthy and tasty snacks is a distant dream. Many of us end up eating unhealthy and unhygienic snacks such as noodles, pasta or momos from street-side stores can lead to a number of health problems. Gift your sister a noodle and pasta maker from KENT that helps in making fresh noodles, pasta or momos from scratch. The automatic appliance comes with 7 different dies which makes it very easy to prepare healthy snacks within minutes.

Cold Pressed Juicer – For the Fitness Freak

Gift your sister Kent Cold pressed juicer this raksha bandhan

Choosing the right appliance for a fitness freak can be difficult. If your sister is a fitness freak, and you are struggling to find the perfect gift, go for a cold-pressed juicer. The smart appliance helps in preparing healthy juices within minutes. The low-speed squeezing technique is one of the most unique features of the cold-pressed juicer. The slow pressed juicer doesn’t produce heat as generated by conventional juicers which helps in keeping the nutrients and fibers intact in the juice.

Vacuum Bottle – For the Juice Lover

Juice bottle

Staying hydrated is the key to beautiful skin. So, if your sister likes having flawless skin, a vacuum juice bottle is the right gift. But what makes the bottle different from others? The vacuum bottle doesn’t let fruit juices oxidize so that the nutritional properties stay intact. The polycarbonate body of the bottle increases the durability of the product and also maintains hygiene.

For the Multi-Tasking Sister

Hot Pot – For the Budding Masterchef

KENT Hot pot - Rakhi Gifts ideas

If your sister loves cooking, but doesn’t get enough time after working to make a variety of dishes, KENT HotPot is the right gift for Raksha Bandhan. The multi-functional appliance comes with 15 pre-set functions, which helps in making baked, fried, steamed, grilled or roasted dishes with the touch of a button. To keep food fresh and tasty for hours, KENT Hot Pot comes with a ‘keep warm’ and ‘delay start’ function.

Pop-Up Toaster-R- For the Perfectionist

Pop up Toaster - Rakhi Gift Hamper

For a perfectionist sister, you can always go for KENT Pop-Up Toaster-R. Making the perfect toast on a busy morning is easier said than done. The appliance comes with 5 browning modes so that you can customize the crispiness and color of the toasts. The wide slots make it easy to toast bread of a larger size with ease. The high lift function helps in removing the toast from the appliance without burning the fingers. If you are concerned about the cleaning part, the toaster comes with a removable crumb tray that makes it easy to clean the appliance.

Sandwich Toaster – For Breakfast Lover

Sandwich Toaster - Healthy Gift Ideas

If your sister’s day doesn’t start without a plateful of scrumptious breakfast, KENT Sandwich Toaster is the right gift for Raksha Bandhan. The smart kitchen appliance is ideal for preparing crispy sandwiches with customized ingredients. So, whether your sister wants a cheesy vegetable or potato sandwich for breakfast, KENT Sandwich Toaster is the right appliance.

Nutri Blender – For the Chutney Lover

KENT Nutri Blender

A plateful of hot and crispy evening snack with tangy chutney is a must in every Indian home, especially on holidays. However, making snacks and chutney after work or on a holiday is a tough task. This is when a handy appliance like Nutri Blender can be of great help. The appliance uses a high- speed operation of 2200 RPM to ensure that the food items are perfectly blended. In addition to chutneys, the Nutri Blender can also make yummy smoothies and juices with perfection.

Take Your Pick

So, what are you waiting for? If you are still looking for the best rakhi gifts for sister, the list of products can be quite handy. Surprise your sister with handy, smart and stylish gifts so that they stay healthy and safe. Considering the increasing amount of health problems, taking the right steps to stay healthy is the need of the hour. The appliances from KENT ensure that you eat, drink and breathe safe. If you like any of the appliances, you can get a free home demo to check its benefits. Simply call us at 9582-123456 for a free home demo and we will be there to help you out.

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